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How To Get Through The Break That Every College Kid Dreads: The One Where You Get Your Wisdom Teeth Out

There's pain, ice cream, pain, ice packs, pain, hard-core medicines, oh and did I mention, pain?

Getting surgery is never a fun experience. Whether it's your first one or your hundredth one, let me tell you, this one isn't one to look forward to. Not to scare you, as everyone's experience is different, but let's just say that whatever break you decide to use to get your wisdom teeth out, well it's not exactly going to be a vacation.

I got my wisdom teeth out this past spring break, the spring break of my freshman year of college. While I'm not quite out of the woods just yet, as I do still have some medications to finish up and some stitches that poke me throughout the day, I do have some tips for how to get through the worst of it:

First off, ice. Even if you're not swollen, ice packs reduce the chance of swelling occurring later, and can often numb the pain. Frozen peas are the best for ice packs, as the little balls will mold to your jaw and squish into your cheeks as they thaw.

Second, be prepared with the right food. Everyone knows you can't eat solid food for a while after getting your wisdom teeth removed, but not everyone is prepared with the right kinds of food. As it turns out, eating a diet of solely ice cream isn't the best for you, and you're going to need a source of energy from somewhere. Cold nutrition drinks are great, as many have protein, vegetables, and fruits, plus they go down easy. Jello, pudding, and soups are also great ways to get sustenance in you without requiring any chewing whatsoever.

Next is sleep. The best thing for the body is making sure it has time to heal, and what better time than nap time? Sleeping is the body's way of rejuvenating itself, and the more you can get after a surgery, the better.

While the doctor will prescribe you medication, there are other ways that you can help to lessen the pain. Numbing gel is one of these ways. Products like Orajel can be found over-the-counter, and can work wonders. Obviously you can't put the numbing cream directly on your holes or stitches, but I found that even putting it on other parts of my gums helped immensely with the pain. Additionally, home remedies like mint teas and saltwater rinses will also help to soothe your mouth, making the pain much more bearable.

There is no way to make the experience enjoyable, but these are some ways that will make it less agonizing. And whenever you do decide to get your wisdom teeth out, just know that a good show, probably some good cries, and some good ice cream will get you through it.

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