Winter's Bitter Truth

Winter is all fun and games until New Year's comes and goes. You spend all of the holiday season in the Christmas spirit, spending the cold days shopping, ice skating, and getting that picture of yourself throwing snow in your new cute winter hat that you want everyone to see on Instagram. You all know what I'm talking about.

Winter can be seen as such a nice, cozy time of year. But when you start to experience it for real, after all of the excitement from the holidays disappears, you're left frozen - with no more Christmas decorations, Christmas movies, or presents to cover up the fact that it is actually zero degrees and you won't be spending more than 10 minutes outside at a time until about the end of March. Pinterest makes it look so easy.

Winter also has a wonderful way of welcoming seasonal depression.

After a few weeks, being stuck inside can actually take a toll on the mental health. You begin to feel like Jack Nicholson from The Shining, and start to go crazy...

There becomes absolutely nothing to do, your tan has officially turned into a pale mess, and the winter body arrives faster than you even realize. Winter gives us no hope.

If you live in Florida, or anywhere down south, I do not want to hear any complaints about the 60 degree weather you're having. Us people who live up north take one step outside and get a pant leg full of snow or extreme windburn. We can't go anywhere without looking like a jumbo marshmallow, and our cars are so dirty it looks like we just went mudding for three days straight. At least all you people in the south can experience some of the outdoors without becoming an ice cube.

I guess it is our own fault for choosing this place of living, but there's only so much room down south. Some of us have to take one for the team.

I personally am someone who enjoys ice skating, sledding, skiing, and sitting by a fire, so winter is not all that bad at first. It's the part when you've completed all of the winter activities you possibly can and still have two months more of waiting around for the warm sun to return. Trust me though, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel that will appear soon enough. Wishing everyone the best in this below zero time of year...

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