The window between Christmas and Easter is actually the worst window ever. The temperatures plummet and my feelings hang low. Oh, and I hate snow.

Winter can really put you in some kind of mood. If you love it, please disregard this, as I am about to roast up the coldest of the cold. Winter can make you feel different, not like yourself.

Winter is definitely the worst season ever. Here is why.

The temperatures are uncomfortable and painful. The wind makes it worse. Snow can fall from the sky, and before you know it, you have a giant mess on your hands. People are also generally miserable in the winter.

For years and years, they have been calling for bad conditions, the worst conditions possible, but it has not really happened. They say the snow is going to build and build, and they say the cold is going to break us.

Don't get me wrong. The summer can get dangerous, too. The heat can be almost suffocating, and sunburn is *real*, ladies and gents. But somehow, summer is the best season for me.

The ocean is a short drive away. The sun is shining more and shining stronger. The pool is open and the activities are more common. Oh, and I get to make money.

The summer is more enjoyable in general. The winter is hectic. You have to bundle up, and as a result, you feel more uncomfortable than you do warm. The summer results in wearing almost nothing. You generally feel better in that sense.

Your emotions are fresh, high, happy in the summer. The cold brings sadness, depression, and more. Although that does not happen to me, it can happen to many others. It can suck.

The winter is this: you either hate it or you love it. It depends on where you live, but where I am, we get all four seasons.

I am hanging on until March! Who is with me?