Winter Is The Worst Season, Bring On Summer

Winter Is The Worst Season, Bring On Summer

It can't get any colder.


The window between Christmas and Easter is actually the worst window ever. The temperatures plummet and my feelings hang low. Oh, and I hate snow.

Winter can really put you in some kind of mood. If you love it, please disregard this, as I am about to roast up the coldest of the cold. Winter can make you feel different, not like yourself.

Winter is definitely the worst season ever. Here is why.

The temperatures are uncomfortable and painful. The wind makes it worse. Snow can fall from the sky, and before you know it, you have a giant mess on your hands. People are also generally miserable in the winter.

For years and years, they have been calling for bad conditions, the worst conditions possible, but it has not really happened. They say the snow is going to build and build, and they say the cold is going to break us.

Don't get me wrong. The summer can get dangerous, too. The heat can be almost suffocating, and sunburn is *real*, ladies and gents. But somehow, summer is the best season for me.

The ocean is a short drive away. The sun is shining more and shining stronger. The pool is open and the activities are more common. Oh, and I get to make money.

The summer is more enjoyable in general. The winter is hectic. You have to bundle up, and as a result, you feel more uncomfortable than you do warm. The summer results in wearing almost nothing. You generally feel better in that sense.

Your emotions are fresh, high, happy in the summer. The cold brings sadness, depression, and more. Although that does not happen to me, it can happen to many others. It can suck.

The winter is this: you either hate it or you love it. It depends on where you live, but where I am, we get all four seasons.

I am hanging on until March! Who is with me?

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10 Reasons Why Cold Weather Is Forever Better Than Hot

Because who wants to sweat?

The Midwest is known to be a place of tumultuous weather. As the seasons begin to change, one minute it’s 90 degrees and sunny with 100 percent humidity, the next it’s pouring down rain, and then after that, the weather might be relatively pleasant before it returns to some awful extreme. However, the one type of weather I can trust the most is the cold. You can almost always know what to expect because once it starts to get cold, it pretty much stays cold. But people hate the cold, which is something I don’t think I could ever understand. So, below is a list of why the weather from the months of November (sorta) to March (kinda) is the best.

1. No swamp ass

What’s the appeal of it being so hot that your undercarriage starts to roast?

2. The flowers and trees aren’t blossoming.

Which means us allergy sufferers might get some reprieve.

3. Sweater weather

Wearing thrift store sweaters is the best part of every year.

4. Coffee actually warms you up without causing you to sweat.

I might still get the caffeine sweats but at least I’m not sweating more because of the heat.

5. Boots

While I despise the term Han Solo season, there’s nothing quite like busting out your boots when it gets cold.

6. Winter accessories

Picking out new scarves makes me feel oddly sophisticated, especially when they pair well with my beanie collection.

7. Layers

Why wear one shirt when you can wear seven? Plus a flannel.

8. Warm showers are more satisfying.

Showers are the best but when it's hot outside? No thanks. Warm showers when you're cold = ideal.

9. People move faster.

No one wants to necessarily be outdoors in the cold. Run to class.

10. Holidays

More breaks from school. The semester is ending. Better food. What’s not to love?

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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Saying 'Thank U, Next' To Winter

Seriously, warm weather can't get here soon enough.


With spring break coming up in the next few days, all of us Midwesterners are surely dreaming of sunnier days. When the sun comes out, smiles come out with it! Here are 10 reasons I'm ready to say "Bye, Felicia" to the dreary winter months and "Hey Sisterrrr!!!" to spring and summer.

1. Layers on layers on layers

I am so tired of having to put on 15 billion layers just to go to class! I definitely took the days of walking to class in gym shorts and a t-shirt for granted.

2. Dry skin (Yuck!)

I feel like no matter how much I hydrate and moisturize, the second I step out into the cold, my skin cracks! I know sweating isn't much better, but at least I'm not itching dry patches all day long.

3. Hat hair for days

Do I disappoint my mom by not covering my ears when I go to class, or do I disappoint my hundreds of fans on the quad by wearing a hat over my wonderful hair? Just kidding! Disappointing my mom is not on the agenda, so hat hair it is!

4. Walking to class in the arctic tundra

High schoolers: trust me when I say, the walk from the parking lot to the building is nothing. Leaving my dorm to walk across the quad always makes me wonder: is the degree even worth it, dawg?

5. Pedicures are pointless

As much as I love buying myself new boots for the season, I firmly believe that life is better when I'm wearing flip flops. I mean, what's the point of paying money for pedicures if I'm just gonna hide them behind some boots?

6. Iced coffee, sans judgement

Do I still get iced coffee during the winter? You bet your mittens I do! But when warmer weather rolls around, I can get it without being looked at like a crazy person on the quad, and that makes it a whole lot better!

7. Frozen cars and angry drivers

First, having to defrost my car makes me angry. Then, having my car not start makes me angry. Then, slow drivers and icy roads make me angry! All in all, winter drivers are the worst. In summer, rollin' with the windows down, music blasting: that's bliss

8. Snow isn't magical anymore, it's just slush

In November, whenever it started to snow, we all got excited and ran to take pictures. Now, it's all slushy and dirty, and when there's snow in the forecast, this GIF is how I feel.

9. The whole campus, like, always has the flu??!?!

Especially living in the dorms, the tidal wave of sickness is inevitable. And as soon as one person gets over it, another one catches it! Wash yo hands, people!

10. The billions of bruises from the icy sidewalks

Yeah, we've all seen someone do this exact dance on the way to class, haven't we?

Winter, it's been fun, but I think it's time for you to go.

The beginning of winter taught me love, with the pretty snow and holiday cheer.

The middle of winter taught me patience, with the slushy streets and jam-packed traffic.

The end of winter taught me pain, with the agony of waiting for spring to arrive.

And now, if only spring could come, I could say, "I'm so amazing!"

Stay warm and stay healthy, Midwesterners. Warm weather approacheth, I can feel it!

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