An Open Letter To My Wine-Mom Best Friend
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An Open Letter To My Wine-Mom Best Friend

Thank you for getting it.

An Open Letter To My Wine-Mom Best Friend
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I truly cannot express how blessed I am to have met you; your personality, soul, and beautiful nature has saved me in so many ways. To have met someone who doesn't judge me, but advises me. Someone who doesn't ignore my complaints, but listens attentively. A person who is always there when I need someone. These are only a few of the many reasons why I love you.

I have learned so much by being your friend and I have grown so much as a person by having met you. You have opened my eyes to different perspectives, some I never thought I would even consider. With sound and supported arguments, you have made me a more politically aware individual; one open with Republican issues and politicians (all thanks to my dear little Trump supporter). I learn constantly when I'm around you; whether it's about a recent trending issue, a new policy, or simply the correct way to use a comma, our time together is never wasted.

You also don't bullshit me. When you have a problem, you are upfront about it. When there is a concern, you say it. There is no "hidden message" behind your words; how you are and what you feel is exactly what you say. A characteristic I myself struggle with. You are bold and don't fear controversy; a quality I am still working on, but one I am slowly gaining progress in, thanks to you. Also, you ask me the hard questions - some I have never even considered beforehand. Whenever I have an issue or some stress you listen, advise, and assist. You honestly tell me your opinions and even help in crafting my response, if needed. I am never worried that you are keeping issues between us inside and I always feel heard when I talk to you; two more reasons why I am so thankful to be your friend.

You never cease to make me laugh. Whether it's an inside joke or a weird interaction with a stranger, it's always an interesting time by your side. I love that two of your favorite things in this world are puns and dad jokes; a classic comedic combination. You also understand my sarcasm and unique humor, so I'm never worried I have offended you. You are someone that I never get bored with. Whether we are out at a bar, inside playing Fortnite or just hanging out by the pool, every moment with you is an enjoyable one.

There are so many cheesy quotes out there about friends and friendships, but when scrolling through some I came across one that I feel really matches us: "a strong friendship doesn't need daily conversation or being together. As long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends never part". I love that our relationship never dwindles with time; a sign of a truly healthy relationship. We can go out for a wild night, then recover is silence for a week (not talking at all), and then catch up as if I've seen you just yesterday. I don't need to worry about texting you every day and reassuring you that we are still friends; you get it, I get it, and that friendship is still thriving. I could go on forever raving about you, but honestly, I just want to end with a fat thank you. Thank you for being yourself and thank you for being an amazing friend. I am so happy that I get to spend my life with you in it.
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