Your Vote ALWAYS Matters

Our state witnessed something that everyone thought would be unheard of a couple days ago. We witnessed not only the first woman in the state of Arizona to become a senator, but we also saw our state flip from red to blue for the first time since 1988. You have to sit and wonder, why did it take so long for a switch like this to occur? Why has nothing like this ever happened in the past? Well, it's simple; we all decided that a change needed

We are living through a revolutionary era filled with a refreshing breath of diversity within our government. But I ask again, why has it taken so long? Perhaps it was just simple lack of political education or maybe our generation was just waiting for their time to shine and get their voices heard. We aren't only speaking our minds, we are screaming them for everyone to hear.

I remember all I wanted to do was to be able to vote. And once I turned the big 18 the first thing I did was register myself. I considered it a birthday present of a lifetime. Sure, that could be a dramatic way of looking at being able to vote, but it was very true in my eyes. I knew that by me registering and voting in future elections, I would be making a difference; not only for myself but also for the people who are not yet able to vote. While voting is an absolute right, it is also a privilege we should not take for granted.

My goal is to share the importance of young people casting their vote and contributing to the direction our nation heads towards. I don't care whether you vote red or blue, as long as you get your voice heard! It's so important that we encourage the young generation to vote and be an example for the generations even younger than us because their time is almost here.

This midterm election caused the highest amount of young people to vote for a very long time. We woke up, fought for what we wanted, and succeeded with flying colors. My economy/government teacher in high school always expressed that if we all joined together and voted, we could get whatever we wanted. And my goodness was he right. Arizona had a change made to it, and what was the determining factor? How many ballots were counted? That was what it came down to. It's just so crazy to think that we caused something like that to happen, and it was all because of people like you! If you voted or dedicated your time to a campaign, you should be very proud of yourself.

And I would like to take the time to personally thank each and every one of you. You helped make such a huge difference for people that cannot vote and for people who deserve a positive change. But if you're not registered, no worries! I encourage you to register and join us because of every vote matters!

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