Why Your Friends In Pharmacy School Are Your Forever Friends
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Why Your Friends In Pharmacy School Are Your Forever Friends

They get you on another level.

Why Your Friends In Pharmacy School Are Your Forever Friends
Duquesne University

Often times people have some misconceptions about pharmacy school. While, yes, we do learn about chemical structures and most of our learning is based in chemistry and biochemistry, there is so much more to what we learn. As pharmacist evolve with the times to better serve their community, pharmacy students are learning so much more than chemical structures and physiology of the body. Therefore, pharmacy school can be a hard and trying but very rewarding time. The friends you make in pharmacy school are the friends you will have for a life time for these reasons:

1.) They are always with you.

I mean literally, always with you. Whether that's in class all day, at the same organization meetings with you or somewhere in the vicinity at the library. Your pharmacy friends are almost always there.

2.) You've seen each other at each other's worse.

When you have 7am exams all week, you've seen each other in pretty rough shape. No make-up, glasses, and sweatpants are the typical uniform for those tough weeks. They've seen you after 8 cups of coffee at 3am cramming for final exams.

3.) They've always got your back.

Missed a class, don't understand what you're learning, need someone to vent to? Your friends have your back. They know exactly what you're talking about, will send you the notes, or will explain something to you a million times until you understand it.

4.) It is necessary to study together.

You sit in the same area in the library so you can ask each other questions when one comes up during studying. You quiz each other incessantly before the exam. You also answer each other's texts at 2am the morning of the exam when you have last minute questions. They also text you and tell you study when they see the Netflix screen up on your laptop.

5.) They understand what you're going through.

Your pharmacy friends are always with you, they're taking the same classes as you, the same exams as you. They have rotations and go through the process of applying for pharmacy jobs.

6.) You advocate for each other.

Pharmacy is a small world and everyone has to work together to advocate for the profession. You are a united front and advocate not only for yourself but for your friends as well.

7.) You celebrate the same victories, no matter how small.

Whether that's finishing a class, finishing exams, finishing a round of rotations, your friends are always there to celebrate with you and support you!

8.) They're always down for ordering pizza or food, no matter the occasion.

Have a meeting? Want to study? Finishing a hard week of exams? No problem, they're always ready to order some pizza.

9.) They're always there to tell you, you aren't dying.

A side effect of going through pharmacy school is you think you have literally every disease state you learn about. Your friends are there to either

10.) They know what you're talking about when you vent about someone who didn't X the bottle at work.

Or when you start X-ing open bottles of drinks, food or pills in your own home.

11.) They don't judge you for having a favorite pill.

Every pharmacy major has a favorite pill. Just ask them.

12.) They understand your love of colored pens.

Don't touch another pharmacy student's pen.

13.) You find the same nerdy jokes funny.

Ethyl is such a nice lady. What kind of bike dose a dachshund ride? A doxy-cycline.


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