Why You Should Travel To London
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Why You Should Travel To London

A small bit about my trip to London and why I recommend it for everyone.

Why You Should Travel To London
Jacob Lesinski

From a young age, I realized just how much I loved traveling, especially to the bigger cities. As I aged, that love seemed to only grow. However, even with my trips to American cities, nothing could prepare me for the wonders to be found in London, whether they be subtle or more obvious. That week-long trip alone convinced me that everyone should travel to the great city at least once in their lifetime.

The first reason why anyone should travel to London at least once is that you receive the opportunity to observe and admire some of the great historical sites, history, and landmarks of a country. When I went to London, for example, I got to see Stonehenge, the old Roman city of Bath, Westminster Abbey, and so much more. Getting to observe any of these historical sites was a dream of mine. I even saw the Globe Theatre!

Another good reason to travel to London is the experience you receive from the other culture. In the U.K., there were quite a few things that I saw were much different. For example, one of the most obvious differences is the love of soccer (football) compared to our relative indifference for it. Hell, when I went, there were tours of the most famous stadiums in all of London. Another sport, people showed lots of passion for was rugby, whereas here it has much less exposure. Also, slang terms I picked up. Too many, too profane, but many I learned as a result. Many that are very different from anything we have heard here.

Also, food. Maltesers are the BOMB when it comes to candy. Pure, chocolatey goodness that I'm glad is finally in the United States. The fish and chips they serve there are also ten times better than any of the versions I have had here. Walker's Crisps as well. Even tea time with the scones we ate was fantastic. There is such great food to be found in London. However, there were certainly some different things I did not expect. Breakfast? Sausage. Lots of it. Potatoes too. Beans were included sometimes too. It was different. Also. Mushy peas? Yeah.. No.

Overall, London is a wonderful city to experience and immerse yourself in. Food, culture, history abound in this wonderful city. Whether you want to simply partake of the great food, observe the great sites such as Buckingham Palace, or any mixture of what you want, it is a city filled with wonder and delight. It is very much worth the trip.

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