Valentine's Day: a day of love, happiness, sappiness, moments, and memories. A day to spend with your significant other, to honor and cherish your relationship over a spendy date night, like you can't do it any other night of the year. A day full of flowers and chocolates and heart shaped food and love letters and love and romance. A day full of pink and red and everything in between. A day that, if you're single, you can spend sulking and moping around, wishing and waiting for the clock to hit midnight so it can just be over already.

Unless you're like me, who loves Valentine's Day, is single, and is ready to take it on by storm.

So, if you're a single lady and are dreading the day of February 14th, take some pride in it, and spend the day how it really should be spent: with your friends who you love, doing whatever the hell you feel like doing.

Don't hate on Valentine's Day, or should I say Galentine's Day? This is your day, not your scummy ex's who dumped you, not the boy you've been pining over who really just isn't interested. Get off your couch, and quit moping around. We single girls should love this day. And here's why:

1. The chocolate

I mean, you can eat it every day. But is it just me, or is the chocolate way better on Valentine's Day? Also, let's not forget, candy is usually on sale the day after V-Day, so that's just another reason we should absolutely love the holiday full of heart eyes and teddy bears.

2. Spend the day with your true friends

I don't know about you, but I'll be spending this Valentine's Day with some of my closest friends, eating a tremendous amount of pizza, dancing around my dorm room, sipping on some wine, and watch sappy movies and laugh at them. What better way to spend the day?

3. Treating yourself

Finally, I don't have to worry about a significant other to please on this lawful day, and can treat myself instead of another being. Cheers to that.

4. An excuse to drink wine, drink your mixie, or drink whatever you drink

Get that bottle, get your friends, get some food and chocolate, get some good music playing, and just do you, no shame.

5. Gives you a reason to own your single-ness

Oh, you're spending Valentine's Day with your boyfriend? Cute, I'm definitely not. Let's take pride in this ladies, and let's own it. There's no shame in being single, and you're probably much happier than you would be spending it with that sh*tty boyfriend that you could have.

6. Have your "Boyfriend Bonfire"

A ritual courtesy of "Friends." Feel free to turn on that breakup playlist of yours and get to burning.

7. Single girls unite together

I mean, we can do this every day. But what better day to do it than V-Day? Why does Valentine's Day have to be objected toward just the couples and the romance? Who says it can't be a celebration of loving yourself and those around you?

8. Pamper yourself

Go to the spa, go get a mani-pedi, go get a facial, go get your hair done, go get a massage. Just pamper yourself, we might as well take advantage of this day.