Why You Should Embrace Your Failures (Perhaps Even More Than Your Successes)

Why You Should Embrace Your Failures (Perhaps Even More Than Your Successes)

Failures are the halfway points to successes.


Have you ever failed? If you are a living, breathing human being, your answer to this question is probably yes. Because we have all failed.

Failure often has a negative stigma in our society, especially with the younger generations. People are afraid of failure and try as hard as they can to make sure they don't fail. It seems as though everyone today tries to be perfect at everything they do and forget that this is not possible.

In my life I can recall many failures. Some bigger than others. I've looked at tests I was taking and honestly knew none of the answers for certain. I've tried to make friendships work that were at the point of no return. I've done everything I could to make hopeless relationships work. I've disappointed people and I've disappointed myself. I've failed many times. But I have learned that I should embrace these times I've failed (maybe even more than I embrace my successes.)

What do we learn from success? We learn how to be humble about achieving what we wanted to. We learn to accept compliments and admiration with grace and humility. Yes, these lessons are important, but I think that our failures can have a chance to make us even better people.

What do we learn from failures? We learn that no matter how hard we work at something, sometimes it isn't enough. We learn what we can approve upon to better ourselves and be the best version of our self that we can be. We learn that we cannot change people or circumstances and that life is just not fair the majority of the time. And most importantly, we learn that in order to be successful at our next attempt, we must pick ourselves and try again.

I think the failures I've had in my life have taught me so much more than my successes ever could. When I've succeeded I've felt pride in myself, but when I've failed I've learned things about myself that I never knew before. I've learned that in order to be successful you have to experience defeat first.

We can learn a lot from our failures, and we should learn to embrace them even when it's hard. You should never feel insignificant when you fail, you should remember that it is a crucial part of life.

So, next time you fail, know that success is right around the corner if you continue to believe in your abilities and work as hard as you can. Know that in order to gain everything you wish to gain, you must lose some things. You are halfway there.

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