Why You Should Date The Girl Who Reads
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Why You Should Date The Girl Who Reads

“She read books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live.” - Annie Dillard

Why You Should Date The Girl Who Reads

There are all kinds of people out there. People with different interests somehow find each other, and love happens anywhere and everywhere. You can date whoever you want, and I am a strong believer that your interests don't have to match perfectly in order to make a relationship work. With that being said, girls who read bring so much to the table that you can't get anywhere else.

You will never run out of gift ideas for her; she will be easy to please in that sense. Books, bookstore gift cards, bookmarks, items related to her favorite book- they're all gifts that keep on giving. You'll never have to wonder what she's doing when she has spare time- she's probably curled up somewhere in a different world. She will spend her days admiring her bookshelf and deciding which story to delve into next. She will never run out of things to talk about because she's been around the world without leaving the library. All humor aside, girls who read are wonderfully different, and they bring a different perspective to relationships.

The girl who reads loves differently. She sees relationships in a different way than others. She may be a little quirky and you may not understand her sometimes, but she is a hopeless romantic. She has seen love between the pages, and she believes in true love exists. She is a dreamer, and she isn't afraid to have high expectations of a relationship because she has seen magic in every chapter she has read. She knows there are bad times, and she accepts that. The girl who reads understands that every plot must have a conflict, and every conflict is resolved in one way or another, but her favorites are the ones with happy endings. The happy endings require hard work and dedication, but she knows she has the power to make it work, and she will fall in love with the adventure along the way.

The girl who reads has an open mind. While she has high expectations, she will not close her mind to new possibilities. She will not judge a book by its cover, just as she will not judge you by what she sees on the outside. She is more interested in what's written between the pages or scribbled in the corner. She isn't scared away by a worn cover or a few ripped pages. When something has history, it is all the more beautiful and charming. A brand new book may look good, but nothing has touched its pages or left its mark. Life hasn't affected it at all, and that is too boring of her. Just like her precious books, to her, your flaws and scars make you all the more beautiful and captivating.

She knows all about character development. She understands that people change and that isn't a bad thing. Life happens, and we are affected by it. You are all the wiser because of what life brings along. Circumstances change, miracles and tragedies happen, and time matures and seasons change us. She is patient and understanding and knows there is always more to the story than the first chapter.

The girl who reads is passionate. She is filled with love and has a zest for life. She may be dreamy, and you may think she's unrealistic, but everything is possible for her. She has her head in the clouds a lot, but you shouldn't see that as a bad thing. She is a headstrong and spirited lover, and she puts her heart and soul into everything and anyone she dedicates herself to. A book without passion and romance and adventure is not worth a space on her bookshelf. Life without enthusiasm is no life at all. You will not go a day without knowing how she feels about you or anyone else because it is not in her nature to hide her emotions. She may wear her heart on her sleeve, but you will never doubt her sincerity or her passion.

Not only is she passionate, but she is compassionate. She recognizes a struggle and a need, and has a desire to give it a happy ending. She wants to help whenever she can, and her positivity and warmth are a product of her belief that the good guys deserve to win. The prince should get his princess, the villain should be slain, and there should be resolution and a way to right the wrongs she sees in the world. She may not be able to help everyone, but you won't be able to miss the fact that she desperately wants to.

The girl who reads is intelligent, creative, and has big dreams for life. Life won't be boring with her, though sometimes you might have to bring her back to reality for a little while. She is willing to go through life knowing there will be tough times because she sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Life is pretty boring without a plot twist here and there. She sees possibilities and hopes for the future, and she never stops dreaming. If you ever get the chance, date the girl who reads, and don't let her go.

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