Why You Should Be Watching Graham Stephan
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Why You Should Be Watching Graham Stephan

Even if you might not find his jokes funny, you could still learn a thing or two.

Why You Should Be Watching Graham Stephan

Now I'm not going to be like, "OMG you don't know who Graham Stephan is????" because while he does have 2.81 million subscribers on YouTube, that's not realistically enough to have the whole nation to know who you are. To give you some background on who the hell this guy even is, he is a 30 year old real estate agent/investor for the Oppenheim Group who has become a millionaire after he got his real estate license at the age of 18. For someone who didn't attend college, it really is impressive to see him grow his net worth exponentially by being smart with his money.

So....what's the whole deal about this Graham guy? Well just to tackle onto his accolades, he is still very young and is well aware of youth culture and what all the high schoolers talk about these days so I would say while he is a generation older than people like me, he's still very relatable and I honestly think his jokes are funny. Anyways, he's very transparent about his wealth and doesn't try to hide it. He doesn't just show off or "flex" (what young people call it these days) his wealth and he actually tells people what he's done to achieve it and gives a lot of great personal financing advice. From interviewing Twitch streamers like pokimane and Michael Reeves to making videos about the best credit cards, he really is a library of information you wish you were taught in high school. I am not even kidding you, I've learned so much more from this guy on YouTube in such a short amount of time than I ever have in my life before. Of course, I've added my own personal research to go along with it, but Graham Stephan really gives you a great place to start.

Graham Stephan is such a huge advocate for investing your money as early as possible in your lives and he even has a video where he talks about all the advice he wish he received in his 20's. As someone who basically started watching his videos with little to no financial knowledge at all, you'll be surprised at how much you can learn if you research along with them. Because of him, I've recently opened up my own credit card to start building my credit score and I even opened up a Roth IRA retirement fund. Additionally, I'm looking to do exactly what he did and get a license in real estate, as you're allowed to once you're 18 years old! (That's what it is in New York, I'm not exactly sure what other states' laws are like.) Now opening up a credit card doesn't seem like such a big deal but you'll realize that it's recommended to start getting into better financial habits early on in your life so that you can carry them on for the rest of it.

With everything I talked about, it may seem like his channel is just another boring informative channel that just spews information at you that you don't understand. If you're not well versed in the financial world, Graham Stephan is the guy to go to because he condenses topics and concepts very easily for any viewer to grasp well. As much as I am a fan and supporter of him, I'm not saying to blindly mimic what he does and literally listen to all of his advice. What works for him may not work for you and again, everyone's financial situations are different and we all have different financial backgrounds. As an investor, he also makes a lot of videos about investing and the stock market and it could very much be of your interest (as it definitely has been for many others recently with the whole GameStop situation.) Basically what I'm saying is take his advice with a grain of a salt and please don't hold him accountable if you end up ruining your financial situation in any way from his videos. In no way does he tell you that his tactics and habits are the right way to do things and he even urges his viewers to do their own research and to not just take his word for things. He simply explains the habits and methods that have worked for him.

If you want to build your financial knowledge and maybe even your credit score (hehe), give Graham Stephan's videos a try! (Just as a disclaimer, I am no in way affiliated or sponsored to make this article. I am just a supporter (and a subscriber) of Graham Stephan and I personally believe he gives great financial advice for people like me.)

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