When most people think of superhero's, they think of the impossibly buff men that have powers that no other person can possess. Wonder woman defies this stereotype not only by being a woman, but a strong, and confident one as well, making herself no less than the men that are helping save the world right by her side.

She has a fearlessness about her that screams, "watch out", when she makes an appearance. She doesn't care what she looks like, how she's perceived, or how risky a decision she makes is. Every action that she makes is out of the fearlessness of her heart and mind, making her a strong individual.

Perseverance is another characteristic that she possesses, giving yet another reason why she needs to be praised. Even when things got tough, and felt impossible, she still fought for what she thought was right, and what was for the greater good of everyone around her.

She has a self-belief about her that just by this one characteristic alone makes her a special individual in the marvel comics. While everyone else around her was denying the powers that she knew she had inside of her, she never once thought any less of herself. This self-belief turned into something far greater than anyone had ever imagined, proving that in the end, you are your biggest motivator and number one fan.

We all know she has the strength of, well, a superhero, but this strength goes far beyond physical, and extends into mental and emotional strength, as well. This is something everyone can look to as motivation, knowing that finding strength in at least one of these areas, when it doesn't feel as though one is fulfilling its full potential, it sheds light that we can be strong individuals, even if some days it doesn't feel like it.

Wonder Woman has a curiosity about her, that from a little girl, to a woman, has helped her grow into the superhero she is known and loved for today. This curiosity has made her find out more about herself, as being more aware of everything else around her. Curiosity should never be something that is frowned upon, but rather praised, making self-awareness stronger within an individual, and on the forefront for self-growth.

Lastly, Wonder Woman has a sort of compassion that seems almost impossible to have in today's society, but is the most important to look up to. Even when she felt helpless, she still made it her responsibility to find kindness and purity in any given situation, and let's be real, we all need more of this in our lives.

Wonder Woman is a true example of what a person of noble character such as herself should stand for, and just because we as humans don't possess the powers she does, doesn't mean we can't possess the characteristics and qualities she does. Wonder Woman is the perfect example of an ideal heroine, and we can all look to her for motivation to do the same.