Why Winter Is The Best Season

Why Winter Is The Best Season

I know you're tired of the cold, but ,trust me, winter is still the best season by far.


I've always loved winter. Like, LOVED winter. Whenever we had an essay in elementary school about what season was your favorite, I always chose winter. To some, though, winter is too dreary, cold, and dark. Well, hello nay-sayers, here are four reasons why winter is unequivocally the best season.


First of all, have you ever seen anything more wonderful than snow gently falling? There's something so peaceful and other-worldly about it. Plus, each and every snowflake is unique. Not to mention all the fun there is too be had playing in it. I mean — sledding, snowboarding, skiing, tubing, snow angels, snow ball fights — the list goes on! Snow is made for fun! No other weather can claim that. And when does snow happen? Winter, of course.


Winter is the only season you get to really appreciate the heat seeping comfortably into your bones. That feeling, for me, is not only relaxing but also extremely nostalgic. It reminds me of going to a friends house after hours of sledding for a cup of hot chocolate. It reminds me of sitting by the fire at Christmas with my family surrounding me — all of us laughing. Winter is built to create these moments of satisfaction. So yeah, it's cold. But being able to get warm again is so worth it.

The Holidays

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, or Kwanzah, winter has it all for you. Well, not in the southern hemisphere, but at least in the northern hemisphere, winter is the perfect time to grab your family and hole up for a couple of days and just enjoy being around one another. Now, my family celebrates Christmas and I know that some of my best memories are associated with Christmas, and, especially with Christmas being in winter. For me there's nothing better than waking up Christmas morning and seeing a fresh blanket of snow on the ground sparkling like the Christmas lights hung around the railings of our stairs.


I don't know about everyone else but I really love the taste of peppermint and there's just something so refreshing about eating peppermint during winter. Also, peppermint is in just about every Starbucks' drink and candy on the shelf. Some people are all about the pumpkin spice latte during fall but I love to drink a peppermint mocha as I walk out of the building with the steam from the drink warming my face and then my body as I take a sip. So yeah, unpopular opinion, I know.

You probably still don't agree with me.

That's okay. I know winter gets a lot of heat — ironically — for being the worst season of the year. Still, as you spend time with your families and take a break from school I hope you take a second glance at winter and at least grow to realize, you know? It's really not that bad at all.

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