Human Beings Should Live Like Elephants
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Human Beings Should Live Like Elephants

These kind, compassionate and patient leaders hold a lot more in their trunks than you'd think.

Human Beings Should Live Like Elephants
Adventures With Elephants

I believe we should all lead lives like elephants.

I know that sounds crazy, and maybe even a bit dumb. “What does she mean? Has she officially lost her mind?” While there’s doubt in the second question, I’m here to tell you that I’ve done my research and have really thought about this - human beings can learn a lot from these animals. It’s not only their physique that makes them beautiful, but their mannerisms and characteristics of female leadership that makes them all the more admirable. The way they are and how big their hearts are.

You could even say elephants are the “feminists of the animal world” when it comes to respectful and dignified female leadership and compassion. She is the Beyonce of the animal kingdom. She is more of a leader than Hilary Clinton could ever hope to be (sorry not sorry).

Elephants are known for their close family ties, intelligence, social complexity, and their memory. Special relationships between family members, and extended family members including grandmothers and sisters, can last a lifetime. They are literally giant groups of strong, females - the epitome of empowerment of women. Many male elephants tend to stray, and break out of the family/clan once they are old enough to venture on their own. Females are more passionate and reliable on their family members, showing a great dedication and respect for who they are and where they come from.

Elephants stick together in their clan for a life long journey, thus, forming inseparable bonds and close relationships with others, especially with the Matriarch - the female leader of the family. She is the one others turn to for decision-making and guidance. Her dominant role is clear, as the Matriarch is typically the oldest, largest, and wisest, while in some other animal groups, the female’s role is less clear. In other animal groups, the alpha-female typically comes into play, because she is the strongest and most aggressive, however, an elephant’s leadership role is based on respect earned by others in her family and clan. She demonstrates leadership through social intelligence, problem-solving, confidence, openness, decisiveness, compassion, and patience. When another clan member dies, the elephant’s heart actually “breaks,” and they feel sadness and pain. The elephants will stay with the elephant after she dies to mourn her and honor her memory; they have great respect for each other, a lesson human beings could learn from these creatures. They are emotional and show empathy.

These are all traits that human beings could use a bit more of when interacting with others. Don’t shut down, build up walls out of hate and anger, and have your heart ice over - be caring, patient, and kind. Show others respect. Isn’t that the golden rule we all learned in kindergarten? Treat others the way you would want to be treated. I mean, come on, even in The Jungle Book, all of the other animals, and Mogley, kneel down and bow to honor them and show respect - even the lions and the crocodiles.

These gentle giants have a kind presence, show calmness, and have an overall spiritual demeanor - moving easily through life where obstacles do not hold them back. Elephants set their minds to whatever task they are doing, and they do not question their commitment and dedication until the job is complete. Since she is wise, she has the skills of finding safe spots, she can sense “stranger danger” and other predators, such as tigers.

Elephants are, also, good listeners; and it’s not because they have such large ears. Young elephants follow their mother (matriarch), holding on to each other’s tails with their tiny trunks. Young elephants, and those just born, have no sense of survival. This is where the Matriarch comes into play; she is a teacher, she is a role model. She listens to what others have to say and discusses problem-solving for all situations. She simply does not command and not take in input and feedback from anyone else. This great sense of compassion along with dedication, and her listening skills, show that elephants care about the emotions of others. She wants to understand where they are coming from, as all positive leaders should follow.

We should all be role models and set positive examples for others. Be kind. Help others. Show respect for your parents, elders, friends - everyone. Don’t give up easily. Care for others. Lead with passion and patience. Listen to what others have to say. A leader doesn’t command on their own - a good leader takes in the advice, thoughts, and feelings of others.Elephants are literally what the Bible verse 2 Corinthians 5:7 is all about: "She is clothed in strength and dignity." Be the elephant in the room. Be understanding, be kind. Take charge with dignity, not with aggression. Be a leader who cares about others. Set an example. And whatever you do, don't give up.
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