Why the Rush for Christmas?

Why the Rush for Christmas?

It comes earlier and earlier each year...

Halloween was literally a week ago. How in the world are stores allowed to be displaying CHRISTMAS decorations? Now don’t get me wrong, I am a Christmas fanatic! When it comes to Christmas, I am definitely the winter version of fall’s “Pumpkin Spice-Sipping, Blanket Scarf-Wearing, Basic White Girl.” My friends could tell you just how much of the movie Elf is in my permanent memory. (And shout out to my best friend Chandra for making my dreams come true and taking me to see the live version on stage!!) As much as I love Christmas and can’t wait for it to start, I cannot help but feel a little disturbed by how early the festivities and decorations start appearing. Each year, Christmas comes earlier. Why is this?

I’d like to propose a theory. I’m just wondering if this rush for Christmas has anything to do with feelings of discontentment and disconnection. I’m wondering if we subconsciously are trying to fill voids in our lives by extending the Christmas planning and celebration. Woah. I know, I know, it sounds really out there. But just hang with me...

It’s so true that sometimes planning for an event or trip is more fun than actually going. I don’t know why it is, but I think anticipation can give us a major mood boost. There’s something to look forward to - something that breaks up the monotony and gets us through the day. Christmas is a lot like this. I love the mock-comradery that sort of develops between shoppers in the mall. I enjoy decorating the house and pulling out the old ornaments. I love watching the Christmas movies that everyone else is watching and drinking hot chocolate. It all gives a feeling of warmth and connection. It’s a great thing! Why is it so unique to Christmas, though?

If Christmas makes us feel so wonderful, and we keep pushing it earlier and earlier each year, I think this shows that we as a society have trouble creating contentment and connection. Christmas does it for us, so let’s just start with the celebration and get this happy train rolling as soon as we can, right?! We have trouble finding genuine contentment and connection in the mundane, so we use Christmas as a way of supplying the joy and warmth we crave. I think this is kind of sad.

True contentment and connection can, and should, last all year. Joy doesn’t have to come in colors of green and red and connection doesn’t have to be mad-dashing together through the mall. Christmas is an amazing time, but I think it’s been spoon-feeding us for too long. We are more than capable of finding joy in August. We can definitely make friends and feel at home in March. I love the holly-jolly, but let’s live in the moments we have.

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Top 5 Reasons Amusement Parks Are Amazing

They are where fun happens.

Where is one place in the world you could go if you had a choice? The beach, your house, a bar, an amusement park? Amusement Parks are marvels of the world. Created for the fun and pastime of people. With tons of activities and marvels intertwined into every ride and food stand, amusement parks draw over 270 million people a year according to learner.org. So, here are the top five reasons that amusement parks are truly a life essential.

5. Engineering

Amusement Parks re purposely ascetically pleasing to look at. Bright lights, laughing sounds of the riders, beautiful colors and the size of the ride captures the attention of many. They are engineering marvels. Amusement park rides are made to keep people safe, while defying what people can do on their own. It keeps everyone coming back time and time again.

4. Adrenaline Rush

Riding to the top of a roller coaster at a slant, then being able to see right over the arch of the hill. The ride stops for a few seconds and you're able to see the view for miles, but also how high up you are and the drastic drop ahead of you. Something inside you keeps you on the edge of your feet. Suddenly, the ride starts up gain and down the hill you go at fast speeds. All of that excitement building up inside, the feeling that keeps people coming back rush on a roller coaster is like no other.

3. Food

When going to an amusement park, it is essential to buy some of the best food the world has to offer. Hot dogs, french fries, smoothies, pretzels and so on. It is a must when visiting an amusement park. Even after a windy ride, food can help ease your queasy stomach .

2. Photo ops

On any vacation, taking pictures is a must. Remembering how much fun you had and reminiscing is what people enjoy post trip. Taking pictures can refresh memories down the line, when you may forget. A reason people like to take pictures is for social media purposes.

1. Escaping the stress of daily life

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Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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5 Ways To Help Society This Lent

Instead of giving up candy, why not help others?

Every year, people talk about what they're giving up for Lent, or what they're resolving to do. Usually, it's something frivolous that won't actually cause them much strife or improve the world.

People will talk about giving up candy and television or doing yoga every day. While these aren't bad ideas, here are some ways to help as many people as possible this Lenten season.

1. Donate money.

If you have enough disposable income, it's always a good idea to put some of it towards a good cause. Whether it's donating funds to your local homeless shelter or conducting a bake sale for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, you can make a difference with your money this Lent season.

One place, in particular, that could use some money is Puerto Rico, which is still suffering from this past hurricane season. You can donate to the Hispanic Federation!

2. Donate time.

Helping the less fortunate does not have to involve money, especially if you don't have any to spare. You can donate your time, instead!

Try volunteering at a soup kitchen or a youth center. You'll find that your soul and society, as a whole, will be better for it.

3. Smile.

This might be the easiest one on this list! Instead of allowing your RBF to make your face its home, why not smile?

You might find that something so small as a facial expression can help improve someone's day exponentially.

4. Give a compliment a day.

Much like the one above, this is an idea/resolution you can do even if you don't have time or money to spare. Why not try giving a compliment a day?

To make it even more impactful, try giving this compliment to someone you don't get along with. This can go towards helping to love your neighbor, and you might make a friend this Lenten season.

5. Call people out, kindly.

Finally, don't let people get away with hurting you or others. If you find gossip to be particularly slanderous and undeserved, speak up in defense of the person in question.

If someone goes on a racist rant, point out how they're wrong. There is a way to prevent problematic behavior without being problematic yourself.

This Lenten season, look towards prayer and good intentions to help yourself, your loved ones, and the world itself. Together, we can make the world a better place.

It's important to remember that Lent is to help make a change -- not temporary, but permanent. These actions do not have to be confined to the upcoming forty days.

Cover Image Credit: covlife.org

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