November has arrived. The sun sets earlier, darkness arrives by the start of five, and the weather gets either milder or colder, depending on where you reside. Halloween is finished with until next year and retailers and media are preparing for the holidays with entertainment and merchandise.

But wait, isn't there Thanksgiving? Since the last decade, Thanksgiving has been diminishing. People are focusing more on the holidays and less on the turkey. For a holiday where you're supposed to be thankful, it has turned into the complete opposite. Retailers are opening their doors earlier for Black Friday for shoppers and fewer people are spending time with their families. Here are reasons why the holiday still matters.

1. It's Family Time

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel times of the year. People travel all over to see their loved ones. This holiday gives them a chance to see those who they don't get to see often.

2. Gives Everyone a Break From Their Busy Schedules

Between school, work, sports, you name it, everyone is busy. Some people are so busy, they have no free time. Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that give us free time and allows us to relax. Besides who doesn't like a four day weekend to binge Netflix or cuddle up and watch movies with that special someone?

3. Allows Families to Catch Up

Since this is a holiday that involves sitting at a table with everyone, it gives loved ones a chance to fill each other in on what's occurring in their lives.

4. It's supposed to be a break before the holidays

Although many bring their holiday decorations out before the holiday, observing it gives everyone a chance to relax before the busiest time of year arrives. With a parade, feast, and football, you can't go wrong before the decorations come out, the lights are shinning, the menorah gets lit, and retail checkout lines are packed with consumers doing all their shopping

5. Has History To It That Impacts All Nationalities

Like every holiday, Thanksgiving has history behind it. The difference between the history of this one and the others is, everyone, no matter what religon they are, is impacted by it since it's a national celebration

6. Is A National Holiday

Not all holidays are considered national holidays. As a matter of fact, Thanksgiving is considered one of the few considering people of all religions, nationalities and ethnicities, observe it.

7. You're Supposed To Be Thankful For What You Have

Yes, the holiday is about the parade and let's not forget, the feast, however, overall the true meaning of the holiday is being thankful for what you have.