Why Thanksgiving Food Is Overrated
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Why Thanksgiving Food Is Overrated

Yup, I said it.

Why Thanksgiving Food Is Overrated

Thanksgiving is an amazing holiday. It is spent with families and friends, and most importantly spent watching football. But let's be real here, Thanksgiving day food sucks. It is completely overrated, and it is the reason why Thanksgiving is not the best holiday of the year. Because, honestly, a great holiday can't be great without great-tasting food. Here are some of the most obvious reasons as to why Thanksgiving food is so overrated:

Turkey is dry and bland with no real flavor.

hungry friends GIF

Cranberry sauce is just a weird jiggly disgusting mess.

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Stuffing is just cut up bread. Why can't we just have a slice of bread instead?

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Corn casserole really has no purpose. Just another reason to add carbs to a meal.

nacho libre get that corn outta my face GIF

Same idea goes for sweet potato casserole.

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Pumpkin flavoring is just another excuse for white girls to be extra.

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If you think creamed onions are good, you are what is wrong with this world.

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I will admit, although Thanksgiving sucks, there are a few things that I appreciate about Thanksgiving:

dave chappelle thanksgiving GIF by Saturday Night Live

Mashed Potatoes,

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String beans (casserole or regular),

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and my favorite, a buttered roll.

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Basically the only good thing about Thanksgiving is appreciating the ones that we love and football. Thanksgiving is a wasted holiday food-wise, and it is just a shame. Give thanks to all the people you love and take advantage of the mashed potatoes and apple pie because there is no reason to celebrate otherwise. In other news though, Christmas is soon and that is all that matters. So, give thanks for now, but prepare yourself because Santa Claus is coming to town.

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