10 Reasons Why Staying In Is Better Than Going Out
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Order A Pizza And Put On A Movie, Here Are 10 Reasons Why Staying In Is Better Than Going Out

"2. No one will judge you if you eat an entire pizza."

Order A Pizza And Put On A Movie, Here Are 10 Reasons Why Staying In Is Better Than Going Out

OK, so I recognize that going out and having fun is a good time — BUT, I believe that it is entirely possible to have just as much fun (if not, MORE) staying in. So, put on a movie, jump in your pajamas, and let's look at 10 reasons why staying in is better than going out.

1. You can wear your pajamas.


Rough day? Rough week? Make it a little bit better by jumping into your pajamas the second you get home! It's your night in, and it's your chance to be as comfy and cozy as can be.

2. No one will judge you if you eat an entire pizza.


Think you shouldn't eat that entire pizza (even though you definitely could)? Think again. In the words of Jennifer Lawrence, "where's the pizza!?"

3. On that note, you CAN eat an entire pizza.


AND NO ONE IS GOING TO STOP YOU! Shall I say it again? You do you, and you have fun on your night in.

4. Messy hair, don't care?


Ready to put your hair in a bun after a long day? Do it. Ready to take your hair out of a bun or ponytail? Do it.

5. You're saving so much money (besides that pizza).


No money will be spent on movie tickets or expensive dinners at restaurants (excluding the pizza). You're basically treating yourself and saving money. What a deal!

6. You can finally catch up on all those Netflix shows you've heard about.


Sit down in front of that TV (or laptop) because it's time to catch up on all those Netflix shows that you've been missing out on.

7. You can do a little self-care.


Put on a face mask, paint your nails, and doing whatever you want to take care of yourself. Make yourself feel BEAUTIFUL on your night in.

8. You can test out all those pins you've pinned on Pinterest.


Been wanting to try a tasty new recipe you saw on Pinterest? Now's your chance. The world is your oyster!

9. Party of one? Don't you mean party of FUN?


Who says you can't have fun in a party of one? Not YOU! No matter how many people (if any) stay in with you, you can always have a good time.

10. Or, you can have a SLEEPOVER!


Do you have a few friends who also want to take part in this fun and frugal time? Have a sleepover! There's no better way to stay in than by staying in with your best friends!

No matter how you chose to spend your night, you can rest assured knowing that — if you would rather — you will ALWAYS have plenty of good reasons to stay in.

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