Recently, Niantic Inc. released Pokemon Go, and since the release, the game has gone viral. With more than 7.5 million downloads, you can go ahead and assume that if someone walking across the street never looks up, almost gets hit and doesn't even flinch is more than likely playing Pokemon Go. Within two weeks, this game itself has done so much for people who are downloading it, but could it be ruining you? Has the game been so time consuming that it could be causing issues for those playing it without even noticing? Here are some issues the game has brought up:

1. People are actually going out instead of staying inside!

So often you remember hearing your parents telling you to stop playing those darn video-games and go play outside. Now, with this interactive game, you can go out and about taking over gyms and capturing Pokemon. Suddenly, we see interactive games going to a whole new level, which could turn for the better for the gaming community.

2. Introverts Uniting!

With the game being as interactive as it is we now see people who would usually never be outside in public or talking to people doing exactly that. Even though at most Pokestops you just see a bunch of people face first into their phones you have to start somewhere. Once the updates where trading and battling your friends comes out, I promise you that people will be more interactive with each other at the Pokestops.

3. Increased Irritation

When you start out with the game you have the option of choosing from Squirtle, Charmander, or Bulbasaur. The only problem is that you have to catch more of these in order to get the evolutions of the Pokemon, which seems impossible for a while. For the first couple of levels all you are left with catching are a bunch of Rattata's, Pidgey's, and Weedle's, which can be pretty upsetting. When you go to these popular Poke-stops or highly populated areas though you see that you have a better chance of capturing Pokemon that you don't see too often.

4. Having Fun

God forbid if there was ever a game where you had fun. I myself have only battled in a gym once and, to be honest, I would be fine with just catching the Pokemon. I have fun doing one of the most simple things in the game, which other gamer's would say is a crime. Pokemon Go is our childhood with a huge upgrade to it; no matter how you want to play the game, you are going to have fun without a doubt.

Lets be real, Pokemon Go has always been an E-rated game which means that everyone can play it no matter the age. There is nothing wrong with playing Pokemon Go, whether you're a seven year old kid or a retired old man. Pokemon Go is better than playing Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty, which has a lot more violence to it. I haven't really been able to find a flaw with this game other than the random crashes I get every now and then.

Good luck to all Pokemon trainers!