Why People Do NOT Like Christians

Christians portray God as Angry.

An angry God? Why would anyone want to serve an angry God? God isn’t angry at all. Any person or non-person who gives up their only child to save the lives of everyone is not angry or selfish. God does not want to send everyone to hell for every little sin they commit. Yet most Christians will tell you if you don’t accept Jesus as your lord and savior you are going to hell and that God is going to smite you for not believing in him. I am sorry but does not make anyone want to accept Jesus. In fact, that makes them want to stay away from him. If God is so hateful and angry, why would he keep any of us around? In the Bible, he said he would never destroy the Earth and all who inhabit it because of his love for them. So it doesn’t make sense that he gets all the blame for every bad thing that happens. “Oh, An earthquake just happened and killed thousands of people? Well they must have been in sin and the Lord just decided to punish them. Oh no flash floods in Louisiana! They were practicing voo-doo again and God just had to punish them.” It is funny how the creator of life, happiness, and love is accused of being hateful, angry, and vengeful. Since people are more attracted to nice and kind, we should quit portraying God as this evil tyrant and more like the loving father that he is, then we would be able to reach more people instead of scaring them away.

Christians can be Judgmental and Hypocritical.

Let’s face it, Christians can be some of the biggest hypocrites in the world. Christians tend to look at someone and right away assume they know everything about that person. Most churches tell people to come as they are and that they won’t be judged, however, as soon as someone new walks in, they almost immediately get looks and advice on how to change. They are not greeted with love but with disgust. Churches are supposed to be a safe haven for everyone, not the place that people hate to go. Most Christians say they don’t associate with “sinners”, but yet they do everything they preach against. They say getting drunk and premarital sex is a sin, yet some go out and party every weekend and have slept with several different people.Instead of greeting people with ugly looks and disgust, Christians should greet them with love and kindness. We as Christians need to quit being so quick to judge others when we need to check ourselves first and foremost. Let us start practicing what we preach!

Christians can be Rude and Hateful.

Everyone always goes out to lunch every Sunday after church. You can ask anyone who works in the restaurant business what day of the week they dread working on and they will all say Sunday. Now why is that? It is because Christians can be rude to their waiter and then tip horribly, if they even tip at all. Christians are supposed to be kind and generous, not rude and greedy. Christians can be also very hateful, especially towards people they feel are doing wrong. Christians tend to ridicule gay people and tell them that Jesus and God hate them. They are an abomination. Now does that sound very Jesus like? We have no right telling people that God hates them. In fact, God does not hate them at all. He loves them just as much as he loves a Christian. Now you don’t have to agree with their lifestyle, but we as Christians are supposed to show them love. In the Bible, it says love thy neighbor not hate and ridicule thy neighbor. Being kind and showing the love that Christ shows us to everyone will work wonders everywhere.

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