Why Now Is Not The Time To Go To Church; Please Worship From Home
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Politics and Activism

Why Now Is Not The Time To Go To Church; Please Worship From Home

A perspective on why advocating for religious freedom during the COVID-19 epidemic is not the right time.

Why Now Is Not The Time To Go To Church; Please Worship From Home

Sidenote: This plot and its characters are completely fake, however the COVID-19 Epidemic is not.

Saturday Night: 7PM

"I told them once, and I'm going to say it again, I'm not closing this church, especially just because of this virus!" Pastor Mike told his associate pastor.

"Yes Mike I understand. Out of this whole mess, what scares me more is there the government trying to close our churches. That's just plain wrong! I mean who else are the people supposed to look to when they're scared! And in need!" replied associate pastor David.

"Exactly! We not only have to fight for our religious freedom, but also theirs' as well! In this time of fear, where people are afraid of their friends and neighbors, it's up to the church to bring everyone together, both spiritually and physically. And by gathering in this time of great fear, I believe that God will protect us, his people, from this Coronavirus. Now, what time again is worship tomorrow?" Pastor Mike asked.

"That would be at 10am" said David.

"Perfect, send out an email blast to everyone that our church will continue its services, and I'll see you tomorrow"

Sunday Morning: 9:20AM

"Come on Brooke and Mary! Church is in 40 minutes, and it takes 20 minutes to get there!" Susan yelled.

"Mom, I'm changing right now! But shouldn't we not be going to church anyway? ABC says that with COVID cases rising, we should be staying inside" Brooke replied.

"Brooke, we're going to church, not to the park or to a restaurant. We'll be fine. God will protect us from COVID. Why would he punish us with that when we're right there in a church worshipping Him?" Susan explained.

"Ok, Mary are you dressed yet?" Brooke asked.

"Almost ready!" Mary yelled back.

"Come on girls we need to go!" Susan said.

As Susan walked towards the door in a rush to leave, high school student Brooke walked fastly out after her, and 1st grader Mary ran right behind her, and out the front door. Susan then locked the door, and they went towards the car.

Sunday: 10:30AM

As Pastor Mike gives his sermon to his 50-person church congregation about bravery and God, a man in the back starts coughing. Brooke looks a few rows back and stares at him; she sees him soon leave out the door continuing to cough. But no one else notices

Wednesday: 7AM

"Mommy, I don't feel so good" Mary told her mother, Susan. She then starts coughing.

"It's ok sweetie, I'll call the school and tell them that you're sick" Susan said.

Susan then checked her daughter's temperature: "Wow, a 102 temperature, you have a fever. I'll make you chicken soup for lunch today"

Wednesday: 7:30AM

"Bye Mom, bye Mary! I hope that you feel better!" Brooke said; then she went to hug her sick sister, then as she walked out the door, she fixed her hair, and briefly rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.

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