I suppose if you actually like where you're from, this article won't apply to you but for me, I've come to fall in love with my college town. My hometown is kind of blah. I've lived there basically all of my life so having to go to the same stores and the see the same people I've been seeing forever got really old, really quickly.

So maybe it'll be a nice change getting to stay in my college town.

1. You need time with friends

I've always known that some of my friends stay in Columbia over the summer because they have leases so they have to be here but I never get to see them after May. But now I may get to hang out with them and make even more memories. And maybe I'll get to see some of my friends that I didn't get to hang out with often during the semester because I was so busy.

2. Having your own apartment is the best

I love being an RM because I like helping my residents and I appreciate that I get to make an impact in their lives. However, sometimes living in a dorm and not being able to invite people over the way I'd like to is difficult. And sometimes living with a bunch of eighteen-year-olds can be challenging. But now I'll get to have the "regular" college experience living in an apartment and all. And I can invite over as many people as I want. Not that I probably will but I have the option to.

3. You need job experience

In the world of journalism, they value having experience over having a bunch of degrees so I'm glad that my internship this summer is actually going to help prepare me for my career. The last two years that was not the case because I was just trying to make enough money to get through the next school year. But now I get to do work I'm passionate about and get the skills that I need.

4. It is so much easier

I don't have to move all of my stuff home and then bring all the way back here is I'm going to be staying in Columbia. That will honestly be so much easier to move out and maybe I'll avoid my mom yelling at me this year. I just love that I only have to drive my things like three minutes instead of an hour and fifteen minutes away.

I'm so excited for the summer to start. I hope that I'll be less stressed than I am during the school year. I get to take a really cool class and I get to do real work and I get to live with my best friend. I think it's going to be a good time. Plus, it's summer it's warm. It'll be light outside until like 9 pm. I get to continue going to my coffee shops, restaurants, and stores! I hope I can find a job to supplement internship so maybe everything I said was fake. But, hopefully, I'll get to go to the pool some and just be outside.

Because I love the sun.

I love the summer.

And I think I love Columbia.