Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga, used to be known as the woman who wore the most exotic outfits everywhere she went. All eyes were on Gaga no matter where she went, and although her outfits are not as eye-popping as they used to be, she still manages to catch everyone's attention. Once Gaga released her masterpiece of an album, "ARTPOP," everyone started to say that she was canceled. Gaga canceled? Haha, that's funny! Gaga will never be canceled! But I think it is important that people who are not fans of Gaga understand how kind of a woman she is. Lady Gaga is a musician and actress, but she is also an inspiring role model to many people in this world because of the messages she sends out to her fanbase and people in general.

1. Lady Gaga is a one of a kind musician.

From the start of Gaga's career, she has always been told that she is just another Madonna. I would have to disagree with that though. There is a difference between Madonna and Gaga. Madonna creates music and Gaga creates art. Yes, there is a difference between creating music and creating actual art! But I am in no way hating on Madonna, I love her music but let's be honest, she is no Lady Gaga. Gaga started off strong from the start by releasing her dance-pop album "The Fame," making the pop girls at the time fear for their careers. Not long after she gave the world a glimpse of what she was all about by releasing "The Fame," she released one of my favorite albums by her, which is "The Fame Monster." A few years later, Gaga gifted her fans with the most iconic album ever, "Born This Way." Most of her fans would agree that the BTW era was Gaga's most iconic era and helped many people learn to love themselves. Gaga was able to speak through her music in a way that let her fans know that it is okay to be different and to be proud of who you are. Later rolled around her album "ARTPOP" which was loaded with bops. "Cheek To Cheek" was a jazz album Gaga released in 2014 with Tony Bennett, which is good because Gaga's strong vocals go well with the genre, but it is one of her albums that I listen to the least. The latest album Gaga released was "Joanne." The album is a mixture of dance-pop and soft rock music. Gaga is such a hard-working musician and takes the time to make each album perfect, and it shows!

2. Lady Gaga is snatching up all the important roles in TV shows/movies.

Gaga made small appearances in a few movies from time to time, but when the 2013 movie "Machete Kills" hit the screens, her fanbase really started to take notice in her acting skills. The role her little monsters (her fans) really got hyped up about was the Countess. The Countess was a main character in the fifth season of American Horror Story, and Gaga's fans made sure they did not miss a single episode when it was airing. We already knew that the woman could sing, but after seeing her play the Countess, her fans knew that she was naturally a multi-talented woman. Just about anyone can agree that the Countess is one of the best characters that has ever been a part of American Horror Story, and to be truthful, that character might not have been so popular if someone else ended up playing the role. Ryan Murphy, the creator of American Horror Story, loved Gaga's acting skills so much, that he invited her to be a part of the sixth season. Unfortunately, her role was not very big in the sixth season, but it was due to her being so busy around the time of filming. The role Gaga is most famous for playing is the character Ally Maine in "A Star Is Born." Gaga had not been talked about as much in the media like she had been at the beginning of her career, until "A Star Is Born" started playing in theaters. Everyone seems to show more respect towards Gaga ever since the movie was released, which seems kind of odd to me. Gaga had been showing off her acting skills way before "A Star Is Born" came out, so why is everyone just now taking notice her skills? Anyways, you can also watch "Gaga: Five Foot Two" to get a sense of what Gaga's life is really like on a day to day basis and see how pure her heart really is. It shows Gaga just being her true self and working her magic in the studio.

3. Lady Gaga is a loud and proud supporter of the LGBTQ+ community.

Lady Gaga identifies as a bisexual woman, so she knows how tough it can be for anyone who is a part of the LGBTQ+ community to come out to those they are around. Nowadays people are becoming more and more accepting of the LGBTQ+ community, which is great! But that does not make it any easier for those who are a part of the community to come out to their friends and families. Some members of the LGBTQ+ community may even have a hard time accepting the fact that they are a part of the community. Gaga makes those who are a part of the community feel accepted and lets them know that it is okay to be different and it does not matter who you love. Gaga even did something risky when she was on tour in Russia. She ran around the stage with the pride flag and loudly shouted out about how she supports the LGBTQ+ community. Gaga has such a big heart for those who are seen as different, and she goes out of her way to make them feel welcomed and accepted in this world. I mean, Gaga almost got arrested in Russia for showing love towards her LGBTQ+ fans! How many other musicians do you know that love their fans that much?

4. Lady Gaga created the Born This Way foundation.

Gaga and her mother got together and created the Born This Way Foundation in 2011. Gaga says by creating this foundation, she hopes that it will be able to help everyone feel safe. Her goal is to make sure everyone feels like they can be themselves no matter where they are because you are always your happiest when you are your true self. Another thing Gaga says she hopes that people learn from this organization is to be kind, loving, and accepting to all. It is societies job to being accepting to all and to take everyone in for who they are, and Gaga does a great job at preaching out about that. The Born This Way Foundation, and Gaga's song "Born This Way" are to help understand those who are not a part of the cis population. She knows how those who are not a part of the cis population often struggle with feeling confident in themselves, and learning to love themselves. Gaga is all about self-love and spreading kindness to others, and it's very obvious that that's what she is all about.

5. Lady Gaga is the best employee Starbucks has ever had.

Okay, this is actually just a joke, but how would you feel if you walked into Starbucks and looked up to find Lady Gaga asking you what you want? Ummm, I think that would be the best day of my life!