I grew up listening to Lady Gaga. "Born This Way," "You and I," "Just Dance," and "Poker Face" were some of my favorites. Gaga's songs would play in a constant loop in the Yang household, and it's a wonder how the rest of the family didn't tire of them.

While my friends gushed over Beyonce, I fangirled over Lady Gaga. She was weird, she was passionate, she loved her fans, and she produced great music. Gaga is still all of those things, but in the past few years, she has blossomed into a multifaceted star.

I'll admit; I'm not Gaga's number one fan. I don't attend her concerts (although this fact is on my bucket list), and I haven't even watched A Star is Born (*eep*). However, I truly appreciate her artistry and her passion, and it absolutely blows my mind how talented and humble she is even after so many years.

But perhaps the main reason that I love Lady Gage so much and will support her until the end is how she was the first celebrity to show me that it's okay to be myself. From her infamous meat dress to her surrealist music videos, Gaga is weird as hell, but that's what makes her so relatable. Her song, "Born This Way" is an ode to all of the weirdos in the world who may not feel like themselves as they can be. She and her songs have helped me become more confident and embrace myself in a way that I never thought I could.

Along with that same vein, she supports mental health awareness (among other communities as well). I suffer from clinical depression, and it gets very dark very fast sometimes. With voices like hers rooting for people like me, I know I can make it out of the darkness alive and keep fighting.

Moreover, she's just a genuinely good person. I've never met her, but from all the tales from people who have, Gaga seems so down-to-earth despite her status as a pop queen. I've been supporting her since I was in elementary school; the fact that she has remained humble since then has to mean something.

Lady Gaga has been a constant force in my life that it's hard to imagine a life without her music and her energy. I hope to see her live in concert and hopefully one day, meet her face to face. I don't know what I would do if that happens, but for now, I know that I, as a Little Monster, will always support her no matter what. I wish the best of successes in her career because she deserves everything and more.