Why It Is Important To Celebrate Birthdays

Some people think birthdays' are just another day in the year, but personally, I think it is a holiday that should be celebrated. Everyone on this earth is as important as the next. Every year when you celebrate your birthday be thankful because not everyone in this world gets that.

Your birthday is more than a day just to get presents and cake. It is a day to celebrate you, your life, and your accomplishments. You should spend that day reflecting on your life since you were born. You should also spend that day celebrating that you are still living on this earth.

Birthdays are an important day for everyone. Even if it is not an important number, you should still celebrate. For your birthday, the day should be focused on you and what you want to do. In my family, we always take birthdays seriously. Everyone usually gets a cake of their choices and get many presents to open.

It is always fun to have a day that revolves around you. It is always fun to be celebrated once a year. You should have been thankful if you make it to your next birthday. Life will fly by so always enjoy everyone you celebrate.

I have always enjoyed celebrating mine and others' birthday. It is always fun to gather with family and celebrate another year of life for someone. It makes you feel important and loved. Everyone always needs a day with all the attention of them. You only get to celebrate it once a year, so enjoy it.

Your birth was the beginning of you and it was a beautiful process. Birthdays are like celebrating the anniversary of your birth. Everyone should be grateful to make it to another year. It is a special occasion that everyone should get to enjoy once a year.

Your birthday to you should be so much more than getting presents, cake, and a party. It should be you celebrating you making it through another year of life. It should be you celebrating all your wonderful accomplishments since birth.

Not everyone has great parents, that throw them parties so always be grateful that you get presents and a cake. Some people do not even get a happy birthday. Take in every moment on your birthday and always be grateful for being celebrated. It is your birthday so always make it count.

In honor of my birthday, December 19th, 2000.

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