Why I Can't Swear Allegiance to a Party, A Bagatela
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Why I Can't Swear Allegiance to a Party, A Bagatela

In my Bagatelas I critique Republican and Democrat alike, we shouldn't stand for a party but for basic human rights.

Why I Can't Swear Allegiance to a Party, A Bagatela

Ohhh Bagatelas! A Spanish word meaning the trifle and a phrase I snagged from Antonio Nariño referring to my "trifles" in which I complain about President Trump. However, inquiring readers have noticed that I do not fully align with the Democrat Party either, and express suspicion as to my motives which as entire pure and I hope on the side of human rights forever.

The reason I cannot is not because I "don't care about politics", on the contrary- I care too much about politics. Politics is greater than a soccer game where you are cheering from the red team or blue team. Politics impacts our daily lives and we must take it past the game of power and movement, and bring it into how it will protect our basic universal human rights that are for all people.

I know eventually I will have to pick a party if I ever decide to run for public office, but I sure hope when I do I do not adapt to the pettiness of party politics which is tearing apart the fabric of our very patria and turning us hopelessly into petty factions that have all turned on each other.

Universal rights such as the free press, freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the right to live are enshrined forever on the mantle of my heart. May I always let these principles guide me, for rights are like a cathedral with each right holding up the glorious building like pillars- and when one is violated the very structure is threated. These are the principles I must guard in politics and all too often people are blinded to violations on their own side and only point out the flaws in the other. Competition and debate are wonderful things- but when it turns to petty partisanism such as the men in red attacking the men in blue in the streets or putting people in boxes because they do not fit your definition of what it means to be conservative or liberal we miss out on the richness of humanity and who we are as society.

At this rate my gentle reader, people are suffering and dying in the streets because congress is so tightly gridlocked based on partisan politics. People are being kicked out of their homes, families are starving and if this rate continues we will face even greater societal unrest if we continue these petty fights and not get to the heart of the issues and help people regardless of what side of the aisle you are on. There is more to politics than just trying to defeat the other side, politics is an art- it involves compromise, diplomacy and finding the best solution for the nation interwoven in a beautiful harmony. Politics is a social contract between the people and their elected officials endeavoring to preserve the common good. The general will of the people is the common good, and the people have been pleading for help if only we will turn our ears and hear them lest we remain gridlocked in our beautiful marble palace. Let's heed the calls of our community and ease the suffering, and put aside the petty partisan politics.

Forever I shall stand by the Droits de l'Homme et du Citoyen as well- these principles of the free press and democracy are fundamental to who we are as humanity. Without free speech (for example) we have one of our very basic human values stripped from us. I shall endeavor my best for eternity to always adhere to these principles- vive la republique!

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