8 Reasons Having A Brother Is The Greatest
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8 Reasons Having A Brother Is The Greatest

We all know brothers are the GOAT (greatest of all time).

8 Reasons Having A Brother Is The Greatest
Erica Rebussini

Ah, brothers. I think the topic itself makes us think about why we like having them around. Firstly, they're a conversation piece. If you're ever at a dead end in an awkward conversation, then talking about siblings (particularly brothers) can not only lighten the mood, but gives you some common ground (assuming of course, that you both have brothers). But as you're probably thinking, having a brother must be far more than just fluff to bail you out of an awkward social experience.

Brothers are something special, and I'd be remiss if I didn't riff on their glory for a bit.

(Note: This is by no means an exhaustive list — I want my brother to actually read it.)

1. He is courageous.

They provide lofty assists in your greatest feats of tricking mom and dad into believing that you didn't do something (of course we didn't break that glass table from playing football in the house that one time...), and they'll just as quickly risk their lives to wake you up with a remote controlled tarantula scaling up the length of your bed.

2. He is protective.

Brothers are taught by their fathers that family is all that matters. The narrative of protection is ingrained from an early age, and it certainly carries through their adolescence and beyond. Relying on your brother to stand up for you, even when you look super lame or when you're wrong, is usually a pretty safe bet.

3. He is funny.

I don't think anyone on this earth is funnier than my brother. He's funny looking, funny smelling and I wouldn't have him any other way. But really, how many other people can make you pee your pants laughing past the age of 12? Moreover, you know from your attempted resistance to laugh at their antics is a testament in itself to how funny he is. You have countless stories and you're probably smiling just thinking about the first one that always comes to mind.

4. He is honest.

Brothers will tell you straight up at your best and at your worst what the deal is. He'll throw his hands into the razor cutter of your emotions to prove a point, put you in your place or let you know that you're being a little brat. At the end of the day, he knows he can probably take you and that mom and dad probably agree with his criticism of your attitude.

Did you have a nap today? Well you need one!

5. He is reliable.

Judging from his honesty and many other reasons, he is one of the most reliable people you know — you don't hesitate in asking for favors because you know that he'll get them done, and he won't be afraid to tell you if he doesn't have the time or the means. But usually, he figures it out because either he's an incredible and selfless person and/or he's afraid of what you'll do to him if he doesn't.

6. He is dirty.

I don't know if I'm essentializing all boys when I say that brothers are dirty, but my brother is consistently caked in dirt, grease, mud, a leftover chicken Parmesan sandwich. This has its perks, believe it or not. If you think about it, then the fact that his hands always have autobody shop dust and grime on them automatically makes you look cleaner. It also means that he's probably less hesitant to do some (all) of the dirty work around the house. More importantly, it means that he will always say yes to dirt sledding down the massive hill in the backyard. He'll even grab the hose to make it muddier.

7. He is smart.

Regardless of whether or not you believe this is objectively true, brothers have some sort of knowledge on you. Chances are, they probably know something about how to negotiate with mom and dad that you don't, or they just know where to hide the best snacks in the food closet. But, his intelligence is a good thing. As dumb as you like to call your brother, you know he's going to make it out there in the real world and be just fine.

8. He is your brother.

And that means a million and one more things. He is family and home in the best way that anyone could be — you did grow up alongside each other, after all. He's in it for the long run! He fixes your car when you forget about that oil change and kills bugs when you're too afraid to hear the crunch. He is your companion, friend, confidant, punching bag, cuddle buddy, bike riding pal, long distance call from college, perpetual argument in the backseat, lover of the same dumb movies over and over and over again.

Because a brother is much more than a familial label and the person on whom to blame the broken furniture. He's the blanket forts in the living room, the hug that doesn't end when he farts, the one who decides that you can ski down your driveway in the middle of a snowstorm. He's never trying to be anyone he's not, and isn't afraid to remind you to do the same.

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