Why I hate coffee
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Why I hate coffee

The truth as to why I hate coffee

Why I hate coffee
Roger Price

Growing up, I always aspired to be that cool hipster that NEEDS her daily coffee to function. You know the one with the cute outfit, cool glasses and coffee cup always in hand. Well so far I’ve nailed 2 out of 3, being that I spend all my time online shopping and am legally blind without any form of vision correction. But I have yet to master the coffee part. Personally, I have three reasons as to why I refuse to develop a coffee addiction.

The first reason I choose to ignore coffee trend is because I don’t really feel like it does anything for me. I like to ingest my food with a purpose, the purpose being it tastes good and provides me some kind of nutritional value. According to Myfitnesspal.com, there’s actually 0 calories in one serving of Folgers medium roast. Now, I’m not into the whole calorie thing but I know that that isn’t doing anything for me, at least if you give me a donut I know I’m getting some carbs and sugars (I think). I’m also not really a big fan of the taste of coffee anyway, I could add all the creamers in the world and still won’t find it appealing. And if it doesn’t taste good then what’s the point? There’s none.

The second reason I choose to stay away from coffee is because I don’t want my body to have to depend on the daily amount of caffeine. I know there are endless studies and results about how caffeine really affects people, and whether or not it’s actually bad for you. But I still don’t want my body getting used to the daily amount of caffeine. Personally, I just feel like if it just makes me jittery and isn’t worth my time.

The final reason I chose to stay away from coffee is due to the price. I don’t have the money to pay for coffee everyday. I would rather save that money and buy a new outfit or maybe a new pair of shoes. I know I could invest in a keurig or something, and maybe one day I will, but that’s still money I have to spend. Plus I’d have to buy the beans, clean the machine and follow through with said maintenance. At this point in my life I’m too deeply committed to not drinking coffee. And the real reason I chose not to drink it is because it would take a big hit at my ego. Because for some reason I take pride in the fact that I haven’t fell into the mainstream bandwagon that is the coffee addiction. Makes me feel hip.

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