Why Girls Have No Chill
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Why Girls Have No Chill

It's not easy to sit pretty and quietly all the time.

Why Girls Have No Chill
Damsel in Dior

Even the chillest of chill girls can admit to losing their cool sometimes (if not, they're lying). It's not easy to sit pretty and quietly all the time, but we know some girls are better at it than others. I'd like to believe that us women are not born crazy, or not all of us anyways, but that certain instances, certain people, can push us over the edge. Some things just don't fly, simple as that. Frankly, I feel most absurd female behaviors that may be coming to mind for you right now are likely just instinctual reactions anyways. Sometimes you just can't help but to make that snide remark, give that dirty look, or hey, key that car for all I know. It's a matter of nature vs. nurture, right? Some behaviors are taught and others occur naturally. There are different kinds of crazy and different measures that fuel them. But to all the males out there, understand this: it's different for girls.

Aside from the obvious things like menstruation and childbirth (which are unfortunate enough for us), women face different pressures than males — different challenges and different oppressors. We are labeled "psycho" or even "bitchy" by the opposite sex, but what do they know about living a female lifestyle? Try waking up at the crack of dawn to spend hours on your outfit, hair and makeup before it's even socially acceptable to show your face in public, then maybe you'll see why. That's our first problem. Even if that doesn't sound anything like your morning routine, women are constantly under pressure to look good; constantly worried if we have hairs out of place, smudged lipstick, or if our eyebrows are filled in evenly, because, you know, that's what's important these days. It's a lot of work being a girl, and this only addresses appearance. It puts us on edge trying to look hot all the time, because despite how hard we may try, it doesn't come naturally. So no, we will not execute any chill when tearing apart our entire wardrobes to find the perfect outfit, no chill when running to the bathroom with five of our friends to fix our faces, and no chill when we blatantly whip out the front camera to make sure all that is still in tact. Don't be surprised when we complain about it the entire time either... sorry not sorry everyone.

Before you males start judging us for "trying too hard" or whatever other assumption you're going to pin on us, I'm here to remind you that 98 percent of the time, women are trying to look good for you. Sure, feminism and whatever; women should want to feel good for themselves and we certainly do, but a sure way to feel good about yourself as a woman is to receive some form of attention. Guys, you can relate too. How exciting is that rare occasion when a female approaches you and introduces herself to you first? It's pretty satisfying regardless of what you make of her.

This is why us ladies lose our chill sometimes when we're out and about around the opposite sex (or same sex if that's more your style). We've already spent probably way too much time trying to make ourselves look good for you, so yes, it drives us a bit nuts when we see you talking to some other seemingly random chick across the bar. Or if we do decide to make a move on you first, which is no doubt an absolute power move on our part that should be taken into consideration, we're not always as suave as we (or you) might hope. Maybe we come on too strong, but that's nothing more than a form of flattery, right? Maybe we just wanted someone to make-out with that night, or play with our hair and tell us we're pretty for the rest of our lives. Those are realistic goals, right?...

Undoubtedly, I would say that a majority of a woman's "craziness" is a result of some goal, or expectation not being met. It's hard to fathom the actions of others that we ourselves wouldn't commit or condone. That is why it's often so hard for us to control our own emotions and actions; we just can't believe that the situation is actually happening, and happening to us. Maybe you're someone close to us who didn't text all weekend and we're concerned, or you're a stranger being disrespectful and we're pissed. Or you're the one who cheated on us and now we're thinking irrationally and your headlights are busted in... All things happen in a cause and effect cycle. Any situation can escalate quite quickly when feelings are involved, which let's face it, is all the time. This definitely doesn't mean that we care oh-so-much about you or your opinions, it just means we're sensitive and really, just human. After a while, the cat calls, booty calls and no calls at all get old to us, and sometimes it's hard to shake these things off time after time. Maybe women are too emotional, maybe we lose our chill now and again, but at least we are willing to admit it.

Guys on the other hand, will spend hours shouting obscene commentary at the television screen during their favorite teams' game, but we would never call our man crazy for that. So when did the term "crazy" become applicable only to females? Perhaps it's just a defense mechanism that kicks in naturally once a person realizes we've had it with their shit. Or maybe the world has just become too chill for us ladies. What do you think? Can you take the chill with the no chill? Or would you rather us girls be careless, emotionless, robots? Because that doesn't seem very chill at all...

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