How Failing Made Me A Better Student (And Person)
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Why Failing Made Me A Better Student (And Person)

Failing at something sucks, but you can always learn from it.

Why Failing Made Me A Better Student (And Person)

Here are six ways to grow.

1. Failing taught me to work harder.

In high school, I never had to study to make an A. It was all a breeze to me, but when I got to college and started failing my first class, I realized that I didn't know how to study. So, failing taught me that I had to work twice as hard as my peers to make up for lost time, and to learn how I best absorb information. It was hard work, but totally worth it in the long run.

2. Failing taught me better time-management skills.

I learned that cramming for an exam the night before was not going to work. After the first few tests, I failed that way, I learned that I need to start studying at minimum a week before the exam. It also taught me to work the rest of my schedule around studying. I believe time management is a big key to success now, and the fact that my failure led me to it was a big deal.

3. Failing taught me to appreciate constructive criticism.

This lesson has followed me through school and into my hobbies and passions. I used to hate constructive criticism, it made me feel stupid and incompetent. So when I failed a test and my prof told me things I could improve on in my own life to increase my test grades, I started looking for constructive criticism in everything I did. I'm a writer as well, so when I share my writing with others I don't want them to tell me that it's good, I want them to completely tear it apart, because I know that's the only way it's going to get better. It's something that I desperately needed to learn, and I'm so thankful that I did.

4. Failing taught me that friends and family are a resource.

They're not just there for the good times, they're there for all of the times in between. If you need someone to cheer you up, or just listen to you cry, these are your people. They will love you unconditionally, and won't judge you for failing or for making the wrong mistake, but they also won't sugar coat it for you. Go to your friends and family when you need help, I promise you're never alone when you include them in your life.

5. Failing taught me that you can do everything right, and that still might not be enough.

Even if you pour your heart and soul into something, expecting for it to flourish and be everything you dreamed of, and all it does is putter out and leave you disappointed, that's okay. Sometimes you can do everything right, and it's not enough, but that shouldn't stop you from continuing to try if it's something you're seriously passionate about.

6. Failing taught me that it's okay to fail.

Failure is a big part of life, it's what helps us grow. Hiding from failure is a sure-fire way to being unhappy in everything you do. So, don't hide from it, learn from it. Let it guide you to what you're meant to do. When I started failing my Biology classes, I hid from it at first, but that failure was really just guiding me into changing my major and it's one of the best decisions I could have made for myself.

Sure, failing at something sucks, I admit it. It's not fun, and all you want to do is wallow in self-pity, but once you take the time to learn why you failed, that's when you start learning about yourself.

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