Why Everyone Should Have A Dog
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Why Everyone Should Have A Dog

Dogs are everyone's best friend.


I truly believe everyone should have a dog if they have the ability too. I have grown up around dogs my entire life and I can honestly say I think my life is better with them in it and there are many reasons why.

Dogs come in many shapes, sizes, and breeds just like people do. There are small fluffy dogs and big short-haired dogs. Dogs drool and shed, but they do so much to make life better for all kinds of people, whether it is a seeing-eye dog, an emotional support dog. or even just a pet someone loves dearly dogs never fail to put a smile on my face.

Dogs are said to be able to sense when a person is sad or sick and I truly believe in that. There have been many days when my overly hyper puppy would come and lay with me silently next to my face just so I know she is there if I need her. Dogs can never stay mad at a human. Everyone has bad days and sometimes we take it out on the closest thing to us, for some people that is their dog. I don't meant people physically hurt their dogs, but an animal can do something so small and it be on the wrong day and the person can just go off, yelling and screaming at the dog for virtually no reason and the canine will sit there and take the verbal abuse and not understand a lick of what is being said to them. Once the yelling is done the dog will move on and pretend it never happened and love you all the same as it did before.

An owner is a dog's whole life. As people, we can experience the joy of having a dog multiple times, but a dog only gets to experience having an owner once. Being a dog owner is more than just feeding and watering it. It means playing with them and taking them places, whether it is the vet or on a nice car ride. Some dogs love adventuring and some would rather remain in the comforts of their own home. Either way, it is a humans job to make sure that the 12-15 years of a dog's life are the days ever because the dog's life will come to an end before the humans and it would just make things easier if everyone knew that the dog lived the best possible life it could.

I love all animals. There are very few that I dislike, but I think having a dog has made me a better person throughout life and I believe that everyone should get the chance to have a puppy brought into their lives.

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