Water may not be the "tastiest" drink on the planet, but it is the most essential. I have always had a hard time trying to drink enough water. I never had the desire to and would always choose another beverage before drinking water. Recently since I have been at college, I have realized the importance of it. Drinking enough water throughout my day can seriously make or break how I end up feeling. I probably still don't drink enough water, but I am trying. I thought I could help encourage some of you to drink more water by listing all of the amazing things water does for us.

1. Keeps you hydrated

2. Clears up your skin

3. Makes you happier

Honestly! Water actually makes you less cranky because you won't be dehydrated and will feel a lot more energized.

4. Helps your body maintain homeostasis

5. Flushes out toxins

6. Makes your skin glow

7. Prevents cancer

Studies have shown that it can help prevent some types of cancer.

8. Helps maintain your weight

9. Prevents headaches

10.  Helps you perform better

11.  Lubricates your joints

This will help with anyone who may have joint pain.

12.  Delivers oxygen throughout the body

13.  Regulates body temperature

14.  Keeps you alive!

Now, if those reasons are not enough to get you drinking more water, then I don't know what can. If you are curious about how much water you should drink a day, there is information all over the internet. There are even apps that can track the amount of water you have had each day.

Best of luck and drink up!