Why I Don't Have Time For Your Sexism
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Politics and Activism

Why I Don't Have Time For Your Sexism

That ignorant and prejudiced comment is not worthy of my attention.

Why I Don't Have Time For Your Sexism

As an eighteen year old female college student I live in a world where I am not always seen as an equal. I was raised to look over my shoulder when walking down the street, to hit someone just hard enough so I have time to run and to be ready to fight for what others are given. Women, for no other reason than their sex, have been told for too long that we are beneath men. Not only is that concept false but it perpetuates misogyny, prejudice and sexism. It amazes me everyday that I live in a country that is the leader of the free world, and consider myself to be part of the global community and yet there are an astounding number of horrifying statistics about worldwide gender inequality. For instance, the World Bank Gender Data Portal reported that in 2015 that women in most countries earned on average between 60-75% of what men did. Also according to the Inter-Parliamentary Union and UN Women in 37 countries women make up only 10% of parliamentarians. Or even the fact that according to the World Economic Forum (2013) only 7.4% of countries have had female heads of state over the last 50 years. I hope I don’t need to list anymore to demonstrate the absolute fact that women are at a disadvantage in today’s world.

Now, I believe with all my heart in feminism. Women and men deserve to be given equal economic, social and political opportunities. Issues like the wage gap, glass ceiling, lack of women’s representation in government, and a string of other inequalities are a huge part of what has motivated my passion for studying politics. I think educating people worldwide about a women’s reality, and the commonplace of sexual harassment, misogyny and sexism is the only way for it to end. I hope that my academic and professional career contribute to creating a better, more equal world for all genders. Yet, one day a thought crossed my mind when someone made some backhanded, sexist comment: “I don’t have time for this.” It was something I had never thought before when confronted by ignorance and prejudice. When I was little, I felt embarrassed, shameful and apologetic. I felt that it was my fault when I faced harassment and sexism. And until that day, as a teenager I had faced misogyny with anger, passion, disappointment and resentment. Never had I had an initial response of indifference and impatience.

In that moment I realized I was at a crossroads with my own beliefs. I still want to help create change in a world that desperately needs changing. Yet in my day-to-day life I’ve realized that I truly do not have the time to deal with other people’s misogyny. I do not have time to get on my soapbox because there simply aren't enough hours in a day. I refuse to give my precious time and energy to explain to people why I believe in feminism. I abstain from screaming at your ignorant comment because that is beneath me. I’m not asking to be placed on a pedestal and have the world given to me, I simply expect my opportunities and options to be equal to that of a man’s. Unfortunately, I am confident that I will listen to hundreds more sexist comments but people who belittle women with their words are not worth my time. I don't have time for your sexism, and neither should you.

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