Gossip is hard…sometimes it's hard to listen to, and sometimes it's hard to accept if certain words are used against you yourself. But the even harder part is standing up when listening to the gossip, and sometimes not necessarily knowing what to do about it.

BUT, the easiest and most fool-proof way…is just to completely avoid yourself from it and to not let it manifest, and to not add to the petty sh*t. Sometimes the worst parts of gossip are the ways rumors spread and how stories appear from thin air, from misheard words and added input. We all gossip, from working a day job, starting a new career, working a college or high school job, or just being involved in a friend group, whatever age you might be. Moms gossip, teachers gossip, and the garbage collectors gossip. But, the thing to remember is that words do not define you.

This is a corny article, but something that hits close to home. In high school I was a good aide to the gossip roll, but learned to not let the curiosity I had of other people's lives get in the way of my good and whole-hearted nature. My mom even will listen to friends gossip, and understand the nature of wonder and also the nature of feeling included, but sometimes its easier to let it go in one ear and out the other than to even shake your head and agree to anything being said. Gossip hurts, rumors kill, and sometimes words are the biggest aggressor to your inner demons- and inner self.

We all like to believe we are the ~good~, and have never spoke on or about anyone else without them knowing, but just think about it. At my college job I am working right now, I have shared my fair share of opinions, and I would never think that would be gossip, but when it hurts someone, or someone finds out and you feel some type of way about them, is when you have to realize the words have to stop.

So I urge you to be kind, be wise, and be you.

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