As some of you know, Worship Ministry is very near and dear to my heart. It's crucial to every Christian's walk. However, there seems to be a war between how each person chooses to worship God. Each side tends to work against the other in varying degrees. With this particular article, we'll look at why Contemporary Worship is important. Don't get me wrong. I also support a more Traditional style.

Contemporary Worship is typically characterized by stage lights, loud band-like music, and dark rooms. I have heard people say that this is too worldly and that there is no way worship to God can come from it. I say otherwise. The modern style of music makes it more applicable to the modern person. I grew up in a church with Traditional Worship. There's a certain beauty that you can't find anywhere else. However, the same can be said about Contemporary Worship. It supports confidence in different ways. Each of the following aspects impact Contemporary Worship in their own unique rights.

1. Music Style

A more modern style of music makes the situation more relateable to a congregation. Think about it. If you didn't grow up in a church, what will make more sense to you, hymns or contemporary songs? In most cases, your answer will be contemporary. Not all, but most.

2. Word Choice

For some, not everyone, hymns are difficult to understand. The wording can be a bit archaic, just like the King James Bible, making it harder to apply. It's possible, but for some, it's not worth the effort.

3. Words On A Screen

Yeah, sure, you have the words right there in a hymnal. But what if it takes a minute to find the song in the book? What if someone gets there late and misses that important piece of information? Not that I'm encouraging people coming in late, but I don't want to turn them away either.

4. Easy Melodies

With the lack of notes written on a page, learning a new song can be difficult. Thus, a lot of the music in Contemporary Worship is easier to learn just by hearing. As it is, not everyone can read music anyway. Some hymns are difficult to learn on the first try.

5. Loud Music

The louder the music is, the more likely people are to sing out. It helps provide confidence in a form that Traditional Worship doesn't provide. Times have changed, and more people are afraid of having their voices heard. If one person cannot hear themselves sing, who doesn't want to hear themselves sing, then they won't care what they sound like. Instead of being self-conscious, they will praise God with more of their being. Naturally, there is a tight balance to keep the music from being too loud, but you know.

6. Dark Room

Having the room a bit darker brings the attention away from the congregation. It can create more confidence and allow each person to praise God more fully.

7. The Stage

This also allows the congregation to follow a leader. People naturally look for a leader in any situation. Worship is no different. A leader is present in traditional worship as well, in the form of a director. With a group of people on a stage, the idea is not to bring attention to themselves, but rather help give an example of how to worship God. Yes, many people know or at least have an idea, but some people don't know how to spend time in worship. It can be detrimental to assume otherwise. hope that this article helps you to understand the idea of contemporary worship in today's church.

Keep in mind that in no way am I trying to convince you to change your style of worship. The point of worship is to praise God. As it is, worship is more than just music. It's supposed to be literally everything, but that's a conversation for another time. The purpose behind this particular article was to give some support behind Contemporary Worship. Next week, if you are interested, look for Why Traditional Worship Is Important. If you have any ideas on either position, please share them with me or someone else. Let's have a conversation about different view points and finally put an end to this war.