I think I speak for most Clemson students when I say that Clemson University is one of the best schools in the country. There are many aspects of the university that appeal to people from all different paths of life that come together to create one of the most fun and unique student bodies. When I was first looking at colleges a few years ago, I was on the fence about Clemson. But once I was actually able to experience everything the school had to offer and surround myself with an enthusiastic and welcoming community, I knew there was no other school for me. These are the things about Clemson that stood out to me the most.

The Football

Obviously, I have to start with this one. In 2016, I was a senior in high school. I remember watching Clemson play in the National Championship and seeing Hunter Renfrow's game-winning catch. I remember seeing so many overjoyed Clemson students and I loved the thought of being part of such a fun, supportive community. And I can say that, after being in downtown Clemson for the 2018 National Championship, it's even more fun than it looks.

The Education

Contrary to popular belief, Clemson is good for more than just STEM. While looking at colleges, I was very nervous to attend Clemson as a liberal arts major in fear that most of their time, energy, and resources would be given to STEM majors and programs. I decided to take the risk and I was (and still am) incredibly pleased with the results. I am an English major in the Architecture, Arts, and Humanities (AAH) college and I have never been denied an opportunity or been told that a resource or experience I wanted was unavailable. Clemson does a fantastic job of taking care of all of their students to the fullest extent. There is no program that is underdeveloped or ignored. Everyone is able to pursue their education and research to their heart's content.

The Inclusion

As an LGBT+ student, I have to say I was very nervous about going to college in the south. I feared not being accepted or being ridiculed for who I am. In my time at Clemson, I have come to find that the exact opposite is true. There are so many opportunities and clubs and communities that are offered to minority students, whether they pertain to race, sex, gender, or sexual orientation. I remember seeing my freshman year advisor putting up Trans Visibility posters around campus last semester. There are so many beautiful people on this campus and everyone is so loved and supported.

The Opportunities

While I was looking at colleges, a distinct phrase from a friend of mine (also a Clemson graduate) would always stand out in my head when it was time to make big decisions. "At Clemson, whatever you're looking for, you'll find it." I decided to believe her and to run with that statement. And so far, I can say that she is absolutely right. There is no shortage of clubs to join or positions to run for. There are so many sports teams, honor societies, and unique communities to become a part of. Clemson is a giant melting pot of amazing opportunities and experiences and I wouldn't trade it for the world. At first, the number of choices was slightly daunting. But now, I have found my people and I am having the time of my life. I am a member of Sigma Tau Delta, which is the National English Honor Society. I write for the Odyssey, which has provided me with an amazing Clemson community of writers from different paths of life and they are all incredible. And I am now an Orientation Ambassador, which means I get to welcome all the incoming freshmen over the summer and show them just how lovable Clemson is.

The Community

There are Clemson graduates all over the country - all over the world, even. The giant network of Clemson Alumni is really incredible. They have a great presence here at Clemson and thanks to their support, we are able to continue to grow exponentially in many different aspects. I have never met a Clemson graduate who I didn't immediately admire. They are all so kind and welcoming and haven't lost an inkling of their Clemson spirit since graduation. It truly is an amazing network of people, jobs, and communities that keeps on giving.

There are a million more reasons why Clemson is an incredible school and the right choice to make, but as my time at Clemson is coming to a close, these are the biggest reasons that stood out to me the most. This school cares so much about their students and alumni and they make college an experience that truly does last a lifetime.

Go Tigers!