Apple acknowledged the other day that older iPhones with new system updates are, indeed, experiencing slower functionality and shutting down unexpectedly. Consumers believe this to be a ploy for them to get an upgrade and buy the latest Apple product on the market.

Apple insists that the system updates aren't deliberately, nor maliciously, created for that purpose. They explained that the performance of the batteries in iPhones decrease over time, just like any other battery in any other device. In addition, the release of new system updates for older platforms are designed to fix the issues that occur from new devices to old devices. Their strategy is to prolong the battery's lifespan, and unfortunately, the speed is affected.

This revelation has created some commotion amongst Apple users. They are thinking about switching to Samsung, Apple's rival.

CEO, Tim Cook continues to build this empire Apple resides on. Picking up the pieces after Jobs' passing, he is still trying to ensure that customers are receiving the best experience with Apple products. Even still, lawsuits have been filed since the statement was released about longevity and functionality of older iPhones and degraded batteries. Owners alleged that Apple was being fraudulent and deceptive in its practices.

Many might think this scandal will be a setback for Apple in the technology industry, but I don't think it will be. Whether or not previous iPhone users are switching to rival companies, those on Team Apple, won't waver. iPhones are modern and sleek products. They are simple to use, consistent with each generation, and include handy applications that make life easier.

Apple brand follows a "something for everybody" approach. Apple products even have the ability to integrate applications and information with shared devices. It contains a stable interface that is highly protected, and despite the battery issues, customers know what to expect.

There several ways iPhone owners can increase the longevity of their iPhone's battery:

1. Update to the latest software.Adjust your screen brightness.

2. iPhone users should try to avoid extreme temperatures, both hot and cold; keeping it at room temperature in a moisture free environment for best performance.

3. Try to not let your iPhone battery completely die.

4. Shut off your iPhone when you can to avoid additional battery usage.

5. Use Wi-Fi.

6. Manage background activity and close applications that aren't being used.

7. Turn off Location Services for applications.

8. Turn off notifications to decrease the amount of times your home screen wakes.

9. Turn on Airplane Mode when you are in a low/poor cell coverage area.

10. Enable Low Power Mode

Regardless of the battery life debacle, devoted Apple fans cannot be swayed. Now that these issues are out in the open and Apple has confessed their shortcomings, they will take the proper measures to ensure the problem gets fixed in the future.