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Buy Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets

CCC cabinets is providing wholesale Kitchen cabinets which is affordable and quality cabinetry.

Wholesale kitchen cabinets

The global concept of kitchen cabinets has evolved over the years, from being a more enclosed and differentiated housing, to open to be an integral part of it.

Today, we can enjoy different options in terms of space, furniture and materials that, for example, allow us to integrate the kitchen into totally open spaces, maintaining an aesthetic and material line with the living room, or the semi-open or closed kitchen that it can also be aesthetically integrated with the rest of the house.

Our team of interior designers will take into account the housing style to design the kitchen space in an appropriate line.

Modern wholesale kitchen cabinets

The contemporary style allows us to go from the minimalist line, with the absence of decorative elements, very straight lines, and more sober spaces, to the trends of materials and colors offered by the current market.

Kitchen Cabinets

Referring to the latter, many have passed through our many years of activity, and we always seek to take advantage of the best of them.

There are many options, and it is essential to consider what will be the line that we will mark in a space that we will not modify in many years.

Classic wholesale kitchen cabinets

The classic or rustic style does not go out of style and is as appropriate for country houses, in its more traditional version, as for an urban apartment in its most modern line.

Kitchen cabinets of this style, with framed doors, both in varnished natural wood and lacquered finish, although updated lines, maintain a romantic air.

Current trends have modified the style of rustic furniture, providing more visual lightness, maintaining, yes, the traditional materials, varnished or lacquered wood, metal handles, iron or ceramic even wicker details to complement and decorate.

kitchen cabinet

The palette of finishes and colors is extended, both in wood with different varnishes and dyes, such as lacquers, with the incorporation of very modern colors that give a very contemporary style to the final result of our project.

The re-elaboration of this style that has been carried out in recent years offers a range of very different and much broader decorative possibilities that, without sacrificing the use of wood as the main element, has managed to combine contemporary touches to revive this style and make it more current.

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