Before you start reading my article, maybe anticipating some mysterious, historical, or futuristic reads, I am just going to stop you in your tracks. I am a 21-year old girl that’s closest relationship is to my bed or the box of cheez-its I have in my apartment. (Note: I am very happily single and am currently dating about 3 different characters from the books I am reading. Yes mother this is perfectly normal). That being said, you would describe the books I read as romance novels. So if you are a girl, or a guy who really enjoys romance novels, then please continue reading.

For people who say that they don’t like reading I am truly perplexed by your existence, but maybe you just have been reading the wrong books. Maybe you have been unable to find the books that speak to you. Well, I am here to offer my assistance. I cannot accurately sum up the number of books that I have read over my lifetime but it is a plethora. Just consider me a savant in being able to find a great romance novel to read and trust my recommendations. I have references if you need further convincing.

Therefore, the books that I am about to recommend may change your life. You are welcome. I am going to split up the books into different categories so you know what to expect. I’m assuming the people that are reading this are all able-minded humans who know how to use technology considering you are currently reading this article on some device so being the kind human that I am I have hyperlinked a synopsis of the books for your own laziness. No need to thank me.

Sappy love stories:

Basically any and all Nicholas Sparks books with the exception of See Me and The Guardian which both get a tad creepy and will cause you to read the books in the daylight hours with the lights on.

Books that make you reevaluate your life:

Maybe in Another Life - Taylor Jenkins

  • Appropriate for ages18-55: May be a bit young of a read for a 55-year-old but it will still make you look at life differently and start pondering things on a deeper level.

Unlit Star - Lindy Zart

  • Appropriate for ages 16-22: Set at the end of senior year of high school so that’s why it has a low age but worth the read for anyone who needs to realize how fortunate they should be and how awesome they are.

Sad love stories: (*different than sappy love stories because these books may have you depressed for days)

Me Before You - JoJo Moyes

  • Appropriate for ages 17-death: The story follows a quadriplegic and his caretaker. Also for those who don’t know, a quadriplegic does not have function of both arms and both legs; this is helpful to know before reading because obviously you know it’s going to be sad.

Firefly Lane - Kristin Hannah

  • Appropriate for ages 17-death: In this novel you follow the friendship of two females: Kate and Tully. It is such a realistic book, which makes everything about it even more painful because it is all possible.

Night Road -Kristin Hannah

  • Appropriate for ages 17-death: You know sometimes when you read a book and then you uncontrollably sob for about the next 5 hours and think that life is unfair and is never going to be the same? This is one of those books.

Love stories that make you wish it was your life:

Roomies -Lindy Zart

  • Appropriate for ages 18-30: If you know me and like me then you should read this book because I’m pretty sure the main girl character is my kindred spirit. I also emailed the author because she’s amazing and wrote Unlit Star as well and she answered me soooo you should read her books to find out what she said to me. Also contains a love triangle between brothers and who doesn’t love that?!

Ugly Love -Colleen Hoover

  • Appropriate for ages 18-35: You are never too old to read a love story about a couple who hates each other upon first interaction only to then discover their mutual attraction to each other. I’ve read this book twice. No I don’t have a problem.

Avoiding Commitment Series - K.A. Linde

  • Appropriate for ages 18-35: read Avoiding Commitment, then Avoiding Responsibility, then Avoiding Temptation. That is the correct order and you will be able to follow Jack and Lexi on their epic friendship/loveship/hateship. Also: love triangles to ensue!

November 9 - Colleen Hoover

  • Appropriate for ages 17-30: I have no shame in admitting that I read this book in less than 12 hours. It was just that good. I mean the plot says it all: they agree to meet on the same date every year but then you know sh*t is going to go down.

Kaleidoscope Hearts - Claire Contreras

  • Appropriate for ages 17-27: Do you ever wish that you had an attractive older brother who had hot older friends? Well this is your chance to live through that experience and deeply envy the main character in the story.

Funny love stories:

How To Be Single - Liz Tuccillo

  • Appropriate for ages 20-50: I am currently reading this book now and needless to say I am hooked. Basically it has your questioning all aspects of being single, as if you don't already do that. Maybe you’ll find some glimmer of hope or maybe you’ll just be single for the rest of your life.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates: And A Thousand Cocktails - Mike and Dave Stangle

  • Appropriate for ages 19-35: I think that the funniest part of this book is the fact that two brothers actually posted an ad on Craiglists looking for dates for their cousins wedding. If that doesn’t make you laugh a bit I don’t know what will.

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I also just made up all the ages because I’m assuming everyone knows the deal with sex these days. In a nutshell I wish I could erase my memory and read all of these books all over again so it would be like reading them for the first time. I obviously can’t force you to share this article but if your friends ever come crawling to you for book recommendations like mine do, it would do you well to share this article.