Belief In White Privilege Is Racist, Try To Change My Mind
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Belief In White Privilege Is Racist, Try To Change My Mind

It turns out that believing the skin you're in to be privileged is the exact definition of racism.

Belief In White Privilege Is Racist, Try To Change My Mind

The past few days have been tumultuous, to say the least.

Violent riots have erupted across the country in response to the tragic death of George Floyd. Businesses are being looted and burned to the ground. Citizens have been beaten to the brink of death.

The loudest voices advocating for these riots have come from the Left. Keyboard warriors have taken to social media, incessantly posting about white privilege, covert racism, and of course, the evils of Conservative America.

Ironically enough, the majority of people posting in support of these violent uprisings and burning of cities are White Liberals.

That's right, White Liberals have chosen to "use their privilege." They have taken it upon themselves to advocate for Black America. They must use their privileged voices and bodies to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Videos of White people standing in between Blacks and the police during protests have been circulating-evidence of Whites using their privileged skin as a barrier. Another popular post amongst Leftists consists of a five-step plan for White people on how to talk to Black people.

This is racist.

Yep, that's right. It turns out that believing the skin you're in to be privileged is the exact definition of racism. Advocating for the burning and looting of Black communities from the comforts of your suburban White home is racist.

Have these White virtue-signaling Liberals ever thought that maybe, just maybe, minorities don't want them to speak on their behalf? Have they ever considered the possibility that minorities can speak and think for themselves? Have they acknowledged that some may not even agree with them?

Of course not.

In the PragerU video, "How To End White Privilege," Brandon Tatum explains why he, an African American man, does not agree with these White virtue signalers. He states that White privilege doesn't even exist. Whites don't have certain privileges simply because they are White. In addition, the practice of "acknowledging your White privilege" actually serves to help Whites and hurt Blacks. Acknowledging your racial privilege is supposed to make you feel bad. Instead, it makes Whites feel better about themselves and superior to other Whites who don't acknowledge their "privilege." It hurts Blacks because it perpetuates the narrative that Blacks are oppressed, victims, and inferior to privileged Whites. Tatum states that acknowledging your "privilege' doesn't make you virtuous, it makes you seem "disingenuous, fake, phony, and fraudulent." Whites aren't more privileged because of their skin tone. To believe and publicly confess that is racist.

None of this is to say racism doesn't exist of course. Racism is evil and racist individuals do exist. Fighting racism and bringing these individuals to justice is and always will be of utmost importance. White privilege undermines these efforts by perpetuating racist notions of White superiority.

To categorize one race as "more privileged" than another and to advocate for the use of this privilege on the lesser race's behalf is racist, condescending, and offensive. The White privilege virtue signalers of today draw many similarities to the Democratic slave owners of the past. Confederate slave owners believed African Americans to be lesser people. By enslaving them, giving them a place to live and food to eat, they believed that they were doing them a favor. The same is true for the white virtue-signaling Liberals of today.

The ignorance of these White virtue signalers is evidenced by their selective sharing on social media. Posts about racism and using White privilege on behalf of Blacks are abundant. However, they are ignoring the voices of Black Americans across the country. It turns out that many Black Americans aren't in favor of white Antifa rioters burning down their home communities. A video of Stephanie Wilford, a Black woman from Minneapolis, lamenting the loss of her community and livelihood in Minneapolis circulated amongst Conservative news networks and accounts but was shoved under the rug by pro-riot White Liberals. This woman asked them to stop destroying her home. She said that because of the violent protests, she now has nowhere to go, no bus to take, no store to shop at. It is truly heartbreaking. Voices such as hers have been drowned out by White Liberals who advocate for looting and riots to kickstart a Marxist "revolution."

How does sharing posts on social media or advocating for the burning of Black communities in any way help solve the poverty and crime which have plagued communities across the country for decades? How will their virtue-signaling alleviate the decimation of these cities, decimation caused by Democratic policies which sucked them dry of their tax dollars, only to leave them to bleed out?

It won't, of course. But it'll make the keyboard warriors feel better about themselves. They aren't part of the problem, they posted on Instagram! They even donated to assist in bailing out arrested rioters, many of whom are members of Antifa. No, they aren't part of the problem. They are doing their duty as a White person. They are intervening on behalf of the Black community and those who aren't so privileged.

Belief in White privilege is racist. Change my mind.

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