The White House supports racism and white supremacy
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The White House Supports White Supremacy Proven By These 5 Things

Trump claims he came to power by appealing to the average joe. Well then why does his White House court White Nationalists?

The White House Supports White Supremacy Proven By These 5 Things
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Trump claims he came to power by appealing to the average joe. Well then why does his White House court White Nationalists?

Dogwhistle Attacks


(*a dogwhistle attack is where someone will say something that means nothing to most people, but actually targets a certain group that would understand it.*)

A story that was swallowed up by the Supreme Court news recently was that Eric Trump basically said that Bob Woodward was a money-grubbing Jew. But just not in so many words. Woodward, who helped break the Watergate scandal, recently wrote a scathing book about the Trump White House.

Eric went on Fox and Friends to talk about the book and went on a small rant about Woodward. He said that if someone writes a sensationalized book about Trump then they'll be brought on every talk show before adding, “It will mean you sell three extra books, you make three extra shekels."

Okay, so let me break this down because it's going to sound like a conspiracy theory but it really isn't. The Israeli currency is Shekels and Israel is the homeland of the Jews. Jews are stereotyped as being greedy (for some reason). So if he said that Woodward is a greedy Jew that wanted more money so he wrote a tell all book.

If you doubt me, search “shekels meme" on google image search and let me know when you find something that isn'tantisemitic.

White Nationalist endorsements and alt-right Cabinet positions

Steve Bannon: seen here halfway between human and liverspotted slug

Candidate Trump was endorsed by the official newspaper of the KKK, the Crusader, as well as the premiere Alt-Right news website, Breitbart News.

He has also been praised many times by former Klan Grand Wizard and terrible birthday magician, David Duke. Duke said that Charlottesville was because of Trump and that people were rising up to take their country back.

He also employed noted corpse-faced horror, Steve Bannon, before Bannon left last year. Bannon helped create Breitbart and has helped steer the GOP towards the extreme right for years.

Anti-Muslim Ban

On the campaign trail, candidate Trump promised a Muslim ban, calling for, “a complete and total shutdown of Muslims entering the United States." As President, he drew up a ban of Muslim majority countries. Of course, he claimed it was for national security and had nothing to do with religion. That defense, being less solid than his nonexistent border wall, was shot down by a federal judge and had to be redrafted several times before it was approved by the Supreme Court.

Oh and the liberal justices compared the ruling to when America imprisoned Asian Americans during WWII. Little did they know Trump’s Presidency would become later synonymous with the term “baby cages,” huh? Whoops, made myself sad, moving on!

Tweets and hate crimes.

The number of anti Muslim hate crimes in America has reached its highest since 9/11, well, actually higher by some margins. It started to rise a few years ago but spiked after Trump was elected. There’s also evidence to suggest a positive correlation between an anti Muslim tweet by Trump and anti Muslim hate crimes carried out in the week that follows it.


“Very fine people on both sides.”

In Charlottesville, Virginia, a rally to protest the removal of a Confederate statue was hijacked by a group of White Supremacists and Neo Nazis, who marched in the streets carrying torches and chanting Nazi slogans. One of the White Supremacists drove a car into a crowd of counter protesters, which killed a woman and injured many others.

But Trump didn't condemn really them. He read from a script that condemned the Nazis but immediately went off script to defend them by saying there were “very fine people on both sides."

No there weren't. Anyone who associates with Nazis at a Nazi rally is not a fine person, even if they differ ideologically. They're just a Nazi sympathizer and the White House is no different.

Some of those that burn crosses are the same that hold office, am I right? Ha haaaa this is incredibly concerning.

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