6 Places To Start Online Shopping
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6 Places To Start Online Shopping

Get spring fashion ready.

6 Places To Start Online Shopping
Mary Beth Flores

When I'm not hunting for my next thrifted find, you can find me scrolling through online websites to find a specific piece. Although I love shopping in stores, online shopping can be very convenient and useful. This year I have found a few go-to shops to visit whenever I want something new.

1. Amazon

Amazon is not just good for random items or electronics. I have found so many clothes on here this year that I ordered last minute. If you have an Amazon Prime membership, most items come in two days, which is perfect if you need a specific clothing piece or accessory to complete an outfit.

2. Romwe

Although this website seems a little sketchy because of how cheap the clothes are. I was pleasantly surprised about my huge swim suit order before spring break. I ordered a month in advance because the clothes come directly from China, but they happened to come in about a week. The swimsuits are very cute and pretty good quality for the price. I recommend sizing up though as they can run small!

3. Forever 21

Forever 21 has been one of my favorite stores for years, and even more so recently because I don't have a car here at my dorm and can order online. They have so much stock online, so you are sure to find a cute outfit on there. They also have a lot of online promotions and flash sales; sometimes you can even get free shipping!

4. Poshmark

I am sure many have heard of this app, where you can buy and sell your own clothes. I sold my first item of clothing this year and bought a pair of vans on here. I am very pleased with this app because of how organized it is. You can also offer sellers a lower price and "bargain" for a specific item. Shipping is normally fast and you can also track your orders.

5. Asos

This website has very unique pieces and a wide price range of clothes. For broke college students, they even have a 10% discount!

6. Tobi and Lulus

Both of these websites are perfect for finding a last minute dress for a special occasion. They have many styles to choose from and you can narrow down your search depending on price, style and color.

Hopefully this gave you some new online shopping ideas and you can celebrate spring in style!

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