Dorm life is like a petri dish, and the spread of germs is inevitable. So living in a small dorm room with someone who's caught the plague is never ideal, but hey, it's a right of passage. There's only so much you can do before you're sneezing right along with them. So sit back, hydrate, pop some cough drops, and let the cast of "The Office" explain what it's like when your roommate is feeling under the weather.

1. When You Hear The First Cough/Sneeze/Sniffle:

2. When they mention that they have a fever:

3. When you're trying to take care of them, but the idea of getting sick has you like:

4. When there's a pile of tissues on their bed that mock you from across the room:

5. When you realize the door knob probably has millions of germs living on it:

6. When people tell you that you're bound to catch the plague too, and you're just like:

7. When your roommate apologizes for the spread of their germs, and does the best they can not to infect you:

8. But then you start to sniffle a little bit, but tell yourself that you're fine:

9: And then the sniffles turn into sneezes, and a sore throat makes an appearance too:

10. And then you become a victim to the plague:

11. And then your roommate gets healthy, and you're just like:

12. But then, after a few more days, and two boxes of tissues later, you're both back and ready to party: