When You Give A Girl A Strong Mom

Last year for Mother's Day my mom told me that she didn't want any presents from me because my presence in the world was enough for her. She was content with knowing that I had survived an emergency surgery and my health was improving to be her gift. For my mom being able to see me in all of my life's biggest moments have been enough for her- she got to see me go to prom and see me walk down the aisle at my high school graduation and now, college.

I realized that before now, I hadn’t really done enough to show my mom just how much she means to me. So this year I decided to write it out for you mom. You have always been my biggest fan and have loved getting to read everything I have written since I could hold a pencil, so here is finally something written for you. Whenever you want, no matter when either of us is in the world, you are able to go read how much you mean to me.


I know your life has been far from easy, but despite everything you have gone through, you have kept your head up and carried on because you are strong. You are the hardest worker I know- you work hard while you are at work in the lab, and then after your shift ends you works even harder at home to make the house a home for the family you love unconditionally.

Over the years I have gathered some of the best lessons on life from you:

You have taught me from an early age that education is one of the most important things; that being a well-education member of society is the best thing I could do for myself. It is because of you- my mother- that I have gotten to attend college. You have worked double shifts at the hospital, gone in on your days off and stayed late to make extra money. Instead of putting the money towards a vacation, you put it towards my education.

You have taught me that money is not everything; that doing what I love to do is the goal. If I love going to work, then it is no longer work. Because of this mindset, I am happy to say that I now know what I want to do with the rest of my life. You have helped me to realize my strengths and turn them into degrees and in the future, a career.

You have taught me to always be able to be independent and to be able to support myself. I am thankful that what I want to do as a career is in high demand and that the pay will allow me to be able support myself if I need to. My future career has a high pay, which means that I will be able to pay you back for everything you have done for me and will continue to do for me. As I grow up and you grow old I will be able to help you in any way needed.

You have taught me to savor every moment of my life. This is one of the best things you have taught me. Through the good and bad, life should be appreciated. You have showed me to appreciate my own life and be thankful for good health and good fortune. In the bad times you have shown me to not give up hope, but to keep moving forward to better times. You have shown me that there is a lesson to be learned in the tough times and the end result will be a silver lining.

You have been there for me since day one.You have documented my life through the hundreds of pictures she has taken of me. You have been there for the good and bad, the ups and downs. You were there to take care of me when I was sick and to be my shoulder to cry on. You drove me to countless dance recitals when I was little, and you have been there for all of my performances, concerts and race days. You have been my very own personal cheerleader for everything I have done and I know you will continue to throughout my college endeavors.

We have had our differences over the years, but I will forever be grateful that you are my mom. You have helped mold me into the person I have become; you have helped me make my big life decisions and have had my back in all of the new big girl decisions I have made. You have been one on my biggest role models and my inspiration for everything I do.

Thank you for being you mom, and Happy Mother’s Day.


Your Daughter

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