It's easy to talk sh*t, but even easier to do these things!
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Health and Wellness

100 Things To Do When You Feel The Urge To Talk Sh*T

It's never too late to better yourself, for real.

blair waldorf and serena van der woodsen from gossip girl

1. Take a deep breath

2. Take a walk outside

3. Walk your dog

4. Apply to a job

5. Give yourself a foot rub

6. Give your friend a back rub

7. Talk about astrology

8. Pick out your outfit for the next day

9. Write down 10 things you are grateful for

10. Read a book

11. Doodle

12. Think of captions to future Instagram posts

13. See what tricks you can do with your tongue

14. Talk about the weather

15. Eat

16. Listen to music

17. Find new music

18. Watch a movie on Netflix

19. Play with your pet

20. Get your nails done

21. People watch

22. Start a blog or website

23. Play Temple Run

24. Talk about your hopes and dreams

25. Listen to a podcast

26. Watch a Youtube video

27. Watch a music video

28. Go on Pinterest and pin positive quotes

29. Brush your teeth

30. Shower

31. Take a relaxing bath

32. Go shopping at a new store

33. Go grocery shopping

34. Go on Twitter

35. Buy flowers for yourself

36. Look at old pictures

37. Go to a baseball game

38. Volunteer at an animal shelter

39. Go to a concert

40. Go to a religious service

41. Call your mother

42. Call your father

43. Call your grandparents

44. Attempt a cartwheel

45. Do an ab circuit

46. Go to the club

47. Bake cupcakes

48. Bake cookies

49. Test out Proactiv

50. Clean out your closet

51. Meditate

52. Go to a fitness class

53. Log in to your old Webkinz or Club Penguin account

54. Go to your elementary school to see your past teachers

55. Study

56. Write a letter to a friend you haven't seen in a while

57. Delete old text messages

58. Clean out your closet

59. Color coordinate your closet

60. Clean your bedroom

61. Drink a glass of water

62. Redecorate your bedroom

63. Stretch

64. Watch a new TV show

65. Watch a TV show you've seen 100 times

66. Go to the movies

67. Go to a farmer's market

68. Visit your cousins

69. Drive around

70. Get coffee

71. Attempt the So Gone challenge

72. Walk around your house

73. Skip around your house

74. Make up a handshake

75. Go on a hike

76. Go swimming

77. Get ice cream

78. Make s'mores

79. Find someone with a hot tub

80. Play a game of tennis

81. Play a game of UNO

82. Play truth or dare

83. Pop a bottle of champagne

84. Join a club

85. Exfoliate your skin

86. Go to the beach

87. High five a stranger

88. Braid your hair or your friend's hair

89. Learn a new language

90. Think of future baby names

91. Sleep

92. Learn a dance

93. Get a car wash

94. Look up houses for sale online

95. Buy a lottery ticket

96. Make brunch plans

97. Whiten your teeth

98. Sing

99. Try to burp the ABCs

100. Take a deep breath

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