36 Thoughts Girls With Piercings Have When They Want A New Piercing

36 Thoughts Girls With Piercings Have When They Want A New Piercing

...Again. Even though I told myself, "this is it," last time.

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Every once in a while, I'm itching to get another piercing to add to the growing collection on my ears.

My mother says I don't need another hole in my head (so I inform her that it's technically my ear, therefore her argument is invalid). For me getting the gumption to go through with it is the hardest part, but once I decide to do, it I go for it.

There are different stages: excitement, anxiousness, joy, regret (for an instant), and relief are just a few. I think each person reacts differently to these situations, as some wouldn't even consider it, while others have no restraint. I figured I would give you all a list of (at least some of) what goes through my mind during the whole process.

1. I think that would look awesome/cute/edgy/great!

2. Do I have money to spend on this?

3. Where do I go to get it done?

4. I hate needles, is this worth it?

5. Wow, it's so going to be worth it.

6. But wait what if I don't like it?

7. What if they put it in the wrong spot?

8. Should I get two at once because I know I'm going to want another soon enough.

9. And I have to balance it out.

10. Okay I'll set up a time.

11. Maybe I'll see if my friend wants to go too.

12. Score! They're in.

13. And they want one too!

14. Now we have to repeat 1-10.

15. We made it to the store/shop/parlor.

16. I'm second guessing this.

17. Is it too late to back out?


19. Sorry, I'm overreacting.

20. Give me a second.

21. Alright, go. Nope. Wait. Okay now go.

22. I'm cringing and nothing has even happened yet.

23. Oh gosh, I think I'm going to pass out.

24. 1..... (oh shoot)

25. 2..... (eeeek)

26. Oooo ow okay didn't know we were going on three, alright, okay, it's fine.

27. Whoo what a rush.

28. Am I ready for the next one?

29. No, but just do it.

30. I guess that wasn't so bad.

31. I'm not doing that again though.

32. Walking out of here I feel like a new person.

33. I'm so glad they finally healed.

34. I kind of want to mix it up a little bit.

35. How bad could getting another one really be?

36. Repeat 1-35.

I basically go from wanting to do it, to questioning my decision, to loving it and not wanting another for a while. Then I go back to wanting another in eight to ten months. It's a long process, but I haven't ever wanted a redo on what I've gotten so far! Recently I've been thinking about tattoos, but have no interest in being stabbed by a cluster of tiny needles over and over, so it hasn't gotten past the "that would look cool" stage yet. Overall, it really just depends on what the person considering it decides, and if you really think about it, at least if you don't like a piercing you can take it out!

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