We have all probably been there. Sitting on your living room floor surrounded by everything that needs to be done. Life tends to have everything due at the same time. Then you, the emotionally exhausted one, has to pull their life together in a caffeine fueled rage night and during, you stop caring about personal health, and just get everything done. But how can you avoid being put in that situation?

1. Organization

I can't stress this one the most. Organization looks different person to person. But in general you should have due dates, and to do lists somewhere that you look at often. Now sometimes life just makes that difficult and then you just have to persevere and get through it.

2. Make a brief to-do list

Make it as brief as possible, it looks like you have less to do if you just write "clean" rather than separating every task, "Cleaning living room, laundry, dished, bedroom, ect.". This may seem like a small change but as someone who is already stressing and depressed, this little change makes it easier to do this list.

3. Start by importance or due date

This is pretty self explanatory. If someone thing is very important and is due sooner, direct your attention to those things that need to get done first. Once you get started it is easier, that first 15 minutes are the hardest. remember that, and set an alarm, set it for 20 minutes. And tell yourself that you will work until it goes off. You would probably be surprised how much you can get done in 20 minutes and how once you get going it will be easier to keep going.

4. When it's too hard to start


There is nothing wrong with take some time for you. This is something that will keep you mentally stronger than others. This can include anything from taking a walk to sitting on your couch and do nothing for a bit. The one biggest thing to keep in mind, don't allow personal time turn into procrastination. It is super easy to let that happen, and hours later you realize that you still have not gotten anything. Which will add to you stress.

5. Know your limits or hitting your wall

Understand when you are done. My family has always called it "hitting the wall". It is the point where being awake will do no more good than going down to sleep. This can be resolved through taking a nap or getting totally out of what you are doing and taking a break. This feeling is hard to push through but it is possible. And if you get used to pushing through fatigue, each time you do it, it will become easier.

Although being overwhelmed is one of the worst feelings, it can be pushed through. It is one of the things that will tell you more about yourself than anything else. You see your inner strength, and how well you can push through being tired. These skills are not only important to know in college but also in your adult life. But don't forget to include your mental health into your scheduling. "You" should always be your top priority.

-Chrystal B.