8 Times Country Music Was Still "Country Music"
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8 Times Country Music Was Still "Country Music"

This is before Modern Country ruined the name.

8 Times Country Music Was Still "Country Music"

1. Highwayman (Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson)

This song written by Jimmy Webb is about a soul which has four incarnations in life. (a highwayman, a sailor, a dam builder, and finally a starship captain) This song is sung by the true greats of country music.

2. Pancho & Lefty (Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard)

This song written by Townes Van Zandt, is about two outlaw cowboys, Pancho and Lefty. Pancho was betrayed by Lefty who was paid off by Mexican Federales, Pancho was later Hung. Townes Van Zandt did not make the song popular but Willie scored a spot on the hit singles list for his rendition.

3. Where Do You Want It (Dale Watson)

This song was written by Dale Watson about Billy Joe Shaver, a Waco, Texas citizen and country music singer. Billy Joe was in a bar fight outside a Waco, Texas saloon. The other fighter pulled a knife on Billy Joe to which Billy pulled a small derringer from his boot and shot the fighter in the mouth.

4. Mama Tried (Merle Haggard) written by Merle Haggard

This song tells the true story of Merle Haggard and his early days, If you watch the Folsom Prison videos by Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard was an inmate when Johnny sang there.

5. You Never Even Called Me By My Name. (David Allen Coe)

Written by Steve Goodman who dubbed this song "The Perfect Country & Western Song), Steve Goodman later added a verse. David Allen Coe has truly sung one of the best country and western songs!

6. He Stopped Loving Her Today (George Jones)

After a busted career, George Jones was at the bottom of the page for singers. With very little effort, George wrote this song. Upon release, the song hit the music charts and eventually was named "The Greatest Country Song Ever" saving Jones's career.

7. Coal Miner's Daughter (Loretta Lynn) Written by Loretta Lynn

This song tells the true story of her growing up in Butcher Hollow, Kentucky. Her father struggled to pay bills with a coal miner's salary. The song was eventually used in a movie with Loretta Lynn as the main star.

8. Sixteen Tons (Tenessee Ernie Ford) Written by Merle Travis

Ford made this song popular with his rendition. Making progress on the charts, and selling over twenty million copies. This tells the story of the miners, and their struggles of getting paid in company script, instead of U.S. currency.

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