What's So Special About Being A Hypebeast?

What's So Special About Being A Hypebeast?

Because crazy kids are always coming up with trends to express themselves.

From Tommy Hilfiger to Calvin Klein, brand clothing has always been the rage. If you’re into fashion, or even if you’re not, you know the satisfaction of rocking those three striped Adidas leggings and looking so sporty chic you’re almost convinced you can play a sport. Maybe it’s the feeling of flashing that new Calvin Klein bralette that all the celebrities were showing off on social media which you just had to join in on by posting a cute pic with the caption #mycalvins. Whatever brand it was that made you feel like a proper fashionista clearly had an impact on both you and the public, however there may be some competition on the horizons. These brands that once were the utmost epitome of trendy high-end fashion may have to take a step aside and make way for the newest competing brands: the hypebeasts.

What the heck is a hypebeast, you ask? Well, that was my thought too when I first heard of the strange term. In my opinion, it seems like only actual hypebeasts know the true meaning behind it, and I’ve gotten into many arguments with people on whether or not it has become a staple in pop culture yet. Basically, to be a hypebeast is to be part of an urban streetwear culture where brands such as Supreme, Bape, Off White, and a plethora more are thriving. These brands are worn by trendy teens and young adults taking on the urban streets of the culture’s origin, NYC, but now the culture is even spreading to suburbs. Though you may have heard of these brands, it isn’t unlikely that the term hypebeast is completely foreign to you, which is partly what makes the culture so mysterious that it’s intriguing. Oh, and did I mention that this street clothing is ridiculously expensive just like any other brand, but there’s a catch that makes it a little more interesting. People are literally buying a simple shirt with the Supreme logo plastered across it for over $100, then they wear it for a little while and enjoy the pleasures of having a piece of the culture with them, and then they sell it. That is a huge part of what makes up the hypebeast culture.

So, what do I think of all of this? Do I think it’s crazy that people are literally buying a cotton shirt originally priced at $150 and selling it to people, who will actually buy it for $500? Of course I do, but at the same time it’s fascinating. Young kids are able to buy clothing deemed popular by other kids like them before it sells out of the original sale within seconds. Then, the clothing becomes even more valuable knowing that the only ones left in existence of that specific collection are ones already purchased by others. People are so desperate to get their hands on these clothes because they missed the original sale that they are willing to drop serious cash, but only with the consolation that they might earn some of it back from their own resale. It’s a wild culture, but the fact that people feed into it and make reselling clothes something cool and trendy is pretty cool.

I won’t lie, I used to think all people who wore Supreme were absolute douchebags, and don’t get me wrong some of them are, but my close-minded judgements of course are not proven correct every time. In fact, a lot of people who wear Supreme and all of the other hypebeast brands are genuinely obsessed with the culture and view the clothing as an art, just as designers do with any other brands owning the catwalks of NYFW. It is art, and it literally has created its own culture, which is why I’m starting to hate these brands a little less and actually start to want some of my own.

Call me a hypocrite, I know. If I were to still believe that all people who are willing to spend that much money on a brand I didn’t truly understand until now were awful human beings, then I am just one of those douchebags I thought they all were. There’s just the appeal of being in the city, attending a pop up shop of the latest drop with like-minded people, and making a fortune off of someone who appreciates the system of all this that now makes a little more sense to me. I do not and will not ever define myself as a hypebeast, just because let’s be real I’m probably not cool enough, but I can appreciate a unifying art form when I see one – and that is exactly what these street brands are.

Cover Image Credit: Supreme Facebook Page

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Cleaning Out Your Closet? This Is What You Can Do With Old Clothes

Spring cleaning brings May flowers... isn't that the phrase?


Spring cleaning brings May flowers... isn't that the phrase?

Spring is known as a time to refresh as the cold midwest starts to come alive again. That's why it's the best time of year to clean out your closet.

Before summer starts, I always like to go through all my clothes and get rid of anything I haven't worn at least a few times in the past year. Cleaning is great because it gets rid of clutter. But my favorite part about cleaning is that emptying my closet also means I can reward myself with a shopping trip that will update my outfit selection.

However, I always have to ask myself one crucial question: what do I do with all the clothes I'm getting rid of? Luckily for us, there are plenty of options.


Selling your clothes to second-hand clothing stores and thrift shops might be the best option for you if you're getting rid of newer clothes that are in good condition. Selling your clothes allows you to get money back for everything you're getting rid of, making it more worth your while.

My personal choice when selling clothes is to go to Plato's Closet. There are also some great online thrift stores that will buy your used clothes such as ThredUP and Poshmark, so there are plenty of options if you're looking to get some money back for your cute pants that just don't fit anymore.


Donating your clothes won't earn you any money, but it will make a huge difference in the lives of others. There are plenty of people in the world who struggle to afford clothes, so you could be helping them out by donating your clothes to a local Goodwill or Salvation Army. This might be the best option for you if your clothes are too old to sell but are still in good condition.


If you're looking at your old t-shirts and realizing that they aren't really worth anything anymore, think again. While some of your clothes may be too old to sell or donate, you can always recycle them.

You can recycle your own clothes by being crafty and repurposing them, such as turning old t-shirts into bags. You can also recycle clothes by sending them to an organization, such as Planet Aid, that specializes in sustainably recycling old clothes and turning them into new products.

No matter what you plan to do with your old clothes as you start to clean out your closet this spring, just remember that you should never merely throw them in the trash.

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