Your role in "League of Legends" is something we all hold dear to our hearts. We all have that one role that just clicks with us and we know that that is where we are supposed to be. This role may change over time, but whatever you are at the time, your role speaks volumes about who you are.

Top: You're a loner. You would actually rather play "Farming Simulator 2016" than a game of "League of Legends," you just don't know it yet. You're "stuck in ELO Hell" because your teammates always bring you down, but in actuality, you only ever TP back to lane and never group. I don't know why you chose to play a team game, but you're not climbing anytime soon. You are also home to Riven mains, which means we all hate you.

Mid: First of all, there are way too many of you "mid-laners" and half of you are just Zed and Yasuo one-tricks, which means you are officially the scum of the earth. You pick mid lane when you want to be the center of attention. You're in the center lane of the game and have easy access to the rest of players and this makes you feel like you have more control. You will inevitably lose lane in a 1v1 and flame your jungler for not ganking you at three minutes in. Mid laners are the most flashy and playing them makes you feel like you're better than the rest of the team. You think you are the chosen one and chances are you watch too much anime.

Jungler: The actual role that has the most control over the outcome of the game. If you main jungle you must actually hate yourself. You're that guy that always apologizes even if it's not your fault. Everyone is going to blame you for everything and you are literally asking for it. But we all know the real reason why you picked this role. You don't know how to farm and don't trust your ability in the 1v1 not to feed, so you hide in the jungle and just blame your laners. On the flipside, you could just not care at all about the members of your team and just put your head down, powerfarm, and try to carry the late game. Looking at you, AFK Yi mains. You either care too much or too little and either way you're not going anywhere.

ADC: You all were waiting for this one. The most "important" role, at least, that is what we tell ourselves. We have to deal all the damage if only our front line would just peel for us. If you have a friend that thinks he a literal god or is just stuck in his current ELO because of trash teammates, then he's probably an ADC main. The game revolves around us. Without us, you have no chance of winning team fights or taking objectives. We're important and we know it and are never going to let you forget it.

Support: This person has signed up for 45 minutes of sucking up. You are at the mercy of your ADC so you had better pray that the ELO gods decided to give you a not brain-dead one this game. You're the type of person to let stuff happen to you and then complain about it. You are literally asking for it. You can make god-like plays, but without a competent team to back you up, you are actually useless. You picked this role because an ADC got you to play the game and wanted a hand-crafted lane partner or you are too afraid to play a role that actually matters.

Fill: Please read the paragraph above you're closet support main.

Inspiration from Sky Williams' Youtube Video: